Aug 24, 2009

Living Your Five Worldwide Site Launch!

These awesome four authors have joined forces and created a site with a unique purpose:
Living Your Five is all about knowing what matters most to you and making a difference in your world in ways large and small.
Alyson Noël, Becca Fitzpatrick, Kay Cassidy and Tera Lynn Childs
will be posting their Fives (or goals) this week, so stay tuned!

Because of this being the site's launch week,
the authors are holding a BIG giveaway
in which you can win:
The lucky grand prize winner will win:

A $100 Barnes & Noble gift card
(because we know you love books!)

A $100 donation in your name to the non-profit of your choice
(because we know you love making a difference!)

And the latest book (or ARC) from each Founding Fiver
(that's four signed books!)
That is really cool!
Just imagine all the books you could buy with those 100 dollars!

But that's not all!

You can also enter to win the latest book (or ARC) from a Founding Fiver by commenting on her debut Five post this week. Here's the launch week schedule:

** Tuesday - Kay shares her Five
** Wednesday - Alyson shares her Five
** Thursday - Becca shares her Five
** Friday - Tera shares her Five

All winners of the daily contests will be announced on Saturday 29th along with the grand prize winner.

So get over to LivingYourFive and make a difference!

3 monkey thought (s):

Juju said...

Sweet. Thanks for the heads up.

pirate penguin said...

Oh wow. I had no idea! That's awesome :)

thanks for posting this!

Kay Cassidy said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out about Living Your Five, Ella! It's wonderful to see you over there. Here's to changing our world together! :-)

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