May 10, 2009

PH Results, Music, Books and my LDSs

I ended up 6th! (tied with Jutta and Bradie). yay!!! It was so much fun, I'm thinking on participating again in June :)

So, last weekend I went to Bahía to visit my grandma and to try to find The Pillowman. Well, I didn't find it, but I had a great time there, I love going to visit my Abu.
Instead of getting TP, I bought 4 other books:
*Hamlet (for school, I had to finish it by tomorrow, which I will not),
*Eva Luna, by Isabel Allende,
*Let's all kill Constance, by Ray Bradbury
*and The Martian Chronicles, also by RB.

The only one I'm reading right now is Hamlet, because I had begun reading The heart is lonely Hunter last week, so 1st I need to finish those two, before I can start reading the others. I love buying books, my goal is to grow old around them. If someone recommends a book, I won't borrow it, I'll save the money and get it for myself. I dream of bookshelves that go up to the ceilings, filled with books. The same goes for my music and films. I usually download (don't judge me over this yet) an album, I love finding new music. Then I listen to it, to see if I like it. If I do, I buy the original album. I believe in supporting the artist and the music industry, but albums here in Arg. don't cost the same as in, for example, the US. This is because of the money exchange, what in the US costs us$10, here it costs the triple. So, if I think that the artist is doing things right, and if the music calls out to me, I will buy the album, although it may cost me 40 pesos.
I currently own: 58 books and 45 albums. Plus the albums I have in my computer.
There are some bands and artists that are unknown here, and that I was able to find through OTH, SGP, Gossip Girl, and my many blogging friends from all over the world.
A few months ago I went to (in Bs As, I think) Musimundo -a really big music store in Arg.- and asked for Jack's Mannequin's 2 latest albums. The guy whom assisted me, for I couldn't find the albums on the shelves, frowned and I knew he'd never heard of JM before. He searched in his computer, and then he told me that they didn't have that band's music. Then I asked: Taylor Swift? Another no. The National? Nope. The Honorary Title? No yet again. The Fray? No. Kate Voegele? Big NO. What a surprise. They even asked me if I had the names right.
I'll have to wait until they get here.

So I couldn't buy TP, but Elise may lend it to me. yay! I hope she can, if not could someone scan it and post it online? I can't even find the e-Book. I think it doesn't want me to read it. :P

Yesterday my LDSs were home for a Mates, Pastafrola and Jodete afternoon (Jodete is played with poker cards and it's our UNO).
We had a great day, we played cards, we had mate, we laughed at Deb... lol

"the sincerity and passion that the street team has for this little company. (...) sharing this new and exciting platform of social friendships built around SoGoPro that has friends from all over the globe.... they are impressed!" from KT's last post.

Let's go Street Team, let's go (again, my cheer chanting).

l love you all,

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