May 22, 2009

International Giveaways!

Going from book blog to book blog (yes, if you haven't guessed from my previous posts, I love books) I started to see that many people were having things called "giveaways". Reading more about this I learned that this people were actually GIVING books away FOR FREE! I immediately wanted to participate, but, living outside the US and Canada, made it impossible for me to be elegible. So I asked if anyone knew about giveaways outside these countries, and a couple of people replied to my post.

I have entered I Heart Monster's
Enchanted, Inc and Dead is the New Black giveaways, go over to her blog and check them out.

Another giveaway I entered is
I HAVE BEEN NATURALIZED, at Reading Extravaganza's blog.
She's hosting this giveaway to celebrate
becoming a citizen of the United States of America.
I'm participating to win
Elijah's Coin. Follow the link above to go to her blog and read the review on this book. This is not the only book in this giveaway, there are 5 in total, from which you can choose the one you'd like to win.

And the last giveaway I entered, that is international,
is Nicole's Conscience Point Giveaway.
"Conscience Point is an ambitious novel in a lot of ways. The language is rich and dense while being haunting and beautiful."
This is part of Nicole's review of this book, you'll find the entire review on her blog (click link above). There's just something with the word haunting that makes me imagine all sorts of things. And I cannot wait to find what those things are!

So, if you like books like me, and you'd like to have some for free, I suggest you go to these blogs (they are awesome, btw) and check out the different giveaway options. If you live in the US or Canada, you'll find more giveaways available to you.

thanks for reading,
love from the dark road,

1 monkey thought (s):

I Heart Monster said...

Argentinians speak Spanish, right?

Gracias! (I don't know how to get the accentuated characters into the words!) Thanks for linking to my contests :o)

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