May 20, 2009

Here's my voice, be gentle!

Here's the video I recorded last night- it just wouldn't upload!-, after having tried several times, without succeeding. It's way too funny, so you'll see me smiling-I almost laughed out loud!- in some parts. MM and Vicky did a great job with the story! This was my first vlog ever, so please DO laugh at me! just tell me I did great ;)

I had to upload it to YouTube cause it took more than forever to upload here, so I can only imagine what it must be like for our friends at SGP to upload a new vlog! Thank you guys, we really appreciate you taking the trouble ;)

Want to read the story I just read? Go over to Vicki's blog and read it there.

Accents! (click on a name to hear that person's accent!)

Vicki , Marion , Becca , Jaclyn , Kaitlan , Raquel , Kendall , i'll keep adding people as they upload their vlogs...


ahora no tengo ganas, pero despues lo voy a traducir para la gente vaga que no quiere leer en ingles, no voy a decir nombres (flor, lin, deb), y para los que no saben ingles.

What do you think of my accent?


2 monkey thought (s):

Kristi said...

Your accent is great! Very different than my midwest (USA) accent!
Congrats on your first video blog :)

Ella Press said...

That's because I'm from Argentina, K! lol :P
this is how I've always spoken...

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