May 6, 2009

My Favourite 7 Things

So, I "stole" this from Remember Moments, with her permission, so maybe it wasn't stealing, but borrowing thw idea...

My 7 favorite things (right now) are (in random order):

1) Sleeping. I love to take a nap every day (if I can).

2) Reading. If you give me money, I'll most likely spend it on books. Just last weekend I bought 2 Ray Bradbury books and an Isabel Allende one. And last month, I bought The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.

3) Going to new places. London and Wilmington top my list of "Places to go before I kick the bucket".

4) Taking photos, just for fun. I take my camera almost everywhere, and I see a potential picture in everything.

5) Internet of course. Without it I would have no blog and no blogging friends.

6) Music. I don't know how I would live without it.

7) Writing. I recently finished my Fan Fiction, Forbidden Love, and I'm planning to write another one. And I love writing short stories (The Broken Children), I don't see myself writing long novels or stuff like that.

Now, what are your favourite 7 things?


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