Jan 31, 2012

TCM is closing down!

I've loved blogging here, this was my first blog, where I discovered the magic of book blogging and I'm sad to let it go. 

But I've had to make a decision, and that is to stop blogging here and fully dedicate my time to my other two blogs: Deliriously Falling, the Lauren Oliver fansite I started over a year ago, and my Spanish book blog, Mi Café Literario. Since Deliriously Falling is now a fully functioning YA book blog, as well as being a fansite, I thought I'd take more advantage of my time if I focused only on that blog.

That being said, I'll leave this blog open so people (and I) can still see its content. But I won't be blogging here anymore, unless I change my mind in the future. 

You'll be able to find me over at DF and email me at deliriouslyfalling AT hotmail.com. Anyone, author or blogger, who's had contact with me, please email me at my new email. Any requests I get to review books here will be transferred to DF.

Followers! I LOVE you all, and if you want, I invite you to follow me at DF, I have a wonderful group of people there, and we've got some new stuff coming soon.

It's been wonderful! 
See you later,
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