Oct 30, 2009

Hottest Male Vampires, Top 20

(according to www.guidetobeautyschools.com)

Thanks to Sara for sending me a link to this!
Although, I do not agree with it on a 100%, this list is pretty accurate.
Going from the guys from the new Vampire Diaries, passing through the Cullen family, and going to the old school vampires from Interview with the Vampire, this list has them all.

(comments from me in blue)

Brace yourselves.

This may come as a complete shock.

Vampires are sort of, what's the word, in right now. I mean, if you haven't been living in Antarctica this past year, you may have noticed a very obvious trend. Remember way back in the day when every guy wanted to be Neo from The Matrix because he had that cool trench coat and could do sweet flips? (LOL) Those days are long gone. Today it's all about fangs and an aversion to sunlight. Goth is back. Pale is the new tan.

And really, we shouldn't be all that surprised. Vampires are hot. They don't age. They look good in black. Some of them have inner-turmoil issues. Granted, they drink blood and that's kind of gross, but so are hot dogs and most of us love those. Who are we to judge?

Let's embrace this trend. Instead of rolling our eyes at the plethora of Twilight memorabilia lining the walls of every store (*rolling eyes*), let's take a moment and analyze why there is so much Twilight memorabilia lining the walls of every store. And I'm not talking about dissecting the literary merits of the books (because what would I write about after the first paragraph?). Instead, I want to focus purely on sex appeal (you know, what's important). Costume and make-up designers work hard to create these gorgeous male bloodsuckers, and it's time to give them credit where credit is due. Here's a countdown of the greatest, most stunning, most please-bite-me-now creatures of the night ever. I'll tell you what works, what doesn't work, and why I want - no, need - to be alone in a dark alley with them.

20. Stuart Townsend as Lestat in Queen of the Damned

He's no Edward Cullen. Stuart Townsend plays Lestat not with boyish good looks and designer sunglasses, but with very pale features, long hair, and incredibly intense eyes. In fact, they may be a little hypnotic. Anne Rice's Lestat is a bad ass. He's a killer. He's on the fringe of society, and unlike the soft and cuddly vampires we've become familiar with of late, he loves the taste of blood. I don't care how sweet and innocent the girl, Lestat will never go vegetarian. Costume designers and make-up artists have managed to combine the bad boy image with obvious sex appeal. In mesh tops, black leather pants, and tattoos, here is the vampire you should probably never invite inside, but hey, if mistakes happen, at least you know you'll die happy.And, if mesh tops and a lot of blood play just aren't your thing (to each her own), maybe you'll love his sexy French accent. There's something to be said about a guy who can roll his r's as well as Stuart Towsend.

(Boy, I have no idea who this Stuart is, but he looks good!)

19. Paul Wesley as Stefan in The Vampire Diaries (OK, if it were up to me, Stefan would have been placed waaay up higher, say 3rd, 4th)

So the show is still very new, but it's only a matter of time before The Twilight crowd embraces Vampire Diaries (and despite all claims that Kevin Williamson's show is a rip-off, The Vampire Diaries' novels were around long before Twilight hit shelves). It strikes all the right notes: good looking bloodsuckers, forbidden romances, a high school setting, and pop music. And it's a little less wordy than Dawson's Creek, which is always a plus. I've seen the first episode and while Stefan may sort of resemble a vampire boy scout at present, he has a lot of potential. Paul Wesley is naturally gorgeous and has the tall, dark, and handsome thing down pat. Costume designers make him even more tantalizing in his designer jeans and tight fitting t-shirts, and while I wish he was a little bit less generic high school kid and more dark and mysterious (to me he's as mysterious as a vampire can be), I'm not really complaining. He'll work perfectly for the target audience.

But here is the real test: to be quite honest, I thought the first episode was subpar. Despite this, I still might tune in if only to see the lovely Stefan spend twenty-two episodes stalking Elena.
(name ONE vampire who doesn't stalk.)

18. Ethan Hawke as Edward in Daybreakers

The sole reason Ethan Hawke is being placed in spot eighteen is that Daybreakers hasn't reached theaters yet (no wonder I didn't know of this film), so my knowledge of his vampire hotness is based entirely on the two minute and thirty second trailer. But man, after watching two minutes and thirty seconds of Ethan Hawke running around in classy suits with slicked back hair and occasional fangs, I am convinced that he could take over this list effortlessly. He dresses well. He has intense eyes. He looks like a vampire, but unlike other costume efforts, he doesn't scream creepy evil dead guy in desperate need of a little color in his wardrobe (I'm looking at you, Dracula, I'm looking at you). His pale make-up is subtle and realistic. I buy that he hasn't seen the sun in many, many years. He also manages to pull off conflicted and smart in every - admittedly - short clip I saw. I think what we are seeing here is the beginning of a layered, complex character that will make you sympathize with the vampire plight without the use of a human girl. What a crazy concept.

17. Aidan Turner as Mitchell in Being Human

While it may not be the most popular show in the States, it caused quite the stir in Britain. BBC's Being Human tells the story of a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost living together, and lucky for us, Aidan Turner got the role of the resident vampire, John Mitchell. Like many of the vampires on this list, Mitchell is burdened with a conscience and abstains from drinking human blood. Despite this flaw (what can I say, I like bad boys), his Irish accent and scruffy good looks make him a pleasure to watch on screen. When his eyes go dark with blood lust, he manages to pull off both scary and totally sexy. And if you're into the tortured, broody guy, Mitchell's vampire past and subsequent guilt will keep you hooked. Definitely worth a drool or two.

16. Kellan Lutz as Emmett Cullen from Twilight

Some of you might say that I should have put Emmett higher on the list, but frankly, his character (thus far) bores me just a little. (bores you? you wanna know what bores me? a 108-year-old -teen and virgin (riiight)- vampire who spends his days crying over his lost life, and refraining from kissing the girl he loves cause he's afraid he'll hurt her. come on, dude! we wanna see some action!) I mean, dude, it's okay to tell a joke once in awhile. It's not going to kill you because, well, for one, you're already dead. And you can't die twice. Unless your name is Buffy Summers. (LOL for those who watched Buffy) But I digress. Apparently he gets much better in the rest of the series, but since I'm basing this solely on the first film, all you Twilight fans are just going to have to prove me wrong after New Moon comes out. Despite my personal feelings towards his character, even I can admit there's something to be said for golden eyes and dark features. And while he may not be the most talkative of the Cullens (yet), what he lacks in verbal capabilities, he makes up for in muscle and penetrating eyes. Plus, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a little bit jealous of his devotion to Rosalie. In the end, I think Emmett was just what the first Twilight film needed. While he may not be quite as passionate as Edward, his huge bulk and slightly intimidating nature added a splash of much appreciated darkness to the entire Cullen family.

15. Jason Patric as Michael from The Lost Boys

While today it may seem like Twilight coined the idea of vampire teenagers, The Lost Boys had Stephanie Meyer beat by more than a decade. In this pop culture phenomenon, Michael and Sam Emerson move to a coastal, Californian town with their recently divorced mother and quickly become entangled with the local vampire population. Things take a turn for the worse (or better, given the subject of this list) when Michael accidently drinks some vampire blood. Oops. Before you can say "Dracula," the once normal teenager is getting in touch with his inner bad boy. So what makes Jason Patric such a hot creature of the undead? Well, for one, he epitomizes the wonder that was eighties fashion. In tight jeans, white tennis shoes, and awesome sunglasses, this guy is hard to resist. Plus, even when he begins to exhibit vampire traits, you're still rooting for him. He manages to work the tragic hero angle very convincingly. Most importantly though, his dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes make Patric more than worthy of a second look.

(again, no idea who this is, and that pic definitely doesn't help him)

14. Alex O'Loughlin as Mich St. John in Moonlight

You know, once in awhile it's nice to encounter a vampire who does something truly productive with his super strength, years of knowledge, and stunning good looks. Mick St. John is one such vampire. Instead of sitting around being all, "Oh man, it sucks that I love blood and have to stay young and beautiful forever," he made the choice to go out and seek redemption through helping the helpless, err, I know what you're thinking. This is sounding a lot like another vampire we all know and love who is a P.I. and helps the helpless for redemptive purposes. That other vampire aside, Mick's desire to do what's right, coupled with his ability to brood like nobody's business, makes him a very attractive undead American to watch.
(didn't this show only last a few episodes? I think I watched a couple...)

13. Tom Cruise as Lestat de Lioncourt in Interview with a Vampire

Despite Tom's recent spout of craziness in the media, back when Interview with a Vampire came out he was pretty impressive playing the evil Lestat next to Brad Pitt's conflicted version of the vampire Louis. With pale features, long blonde hair, blood red lips, and a penchant for killing women in the throes of passion, he pretty much epitomizes everything you would expect of a vampire. And it's kind of awesome to watch. Sexy, evil, and totally insane, it's hard to take your eyes off of Tom whether he's reaping havoc with the little Kristen Dunst, burning to death, or popping up on the roof of a car completely unexpectedly. Reportedly, Anne Rice was extremely skeptical about having big named Tom Cruise play her famous and most well-known character, but through impressive acting, costume design, and make-up skill, he makes one of the most convincing and compelling vampires on this list. Kudos to you, Mr. Cruise.

12. Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries

Ahh, Ian Somerhalder. (ahhh is the right word) You were hot in Young Americans when you dated that girl who looked like a guy. You were even hotter in Rules of Attraction when you were in love with Dawson Leary (or somebody bearing his face) , and you were perfect in Lost (except for your annoying sister, Shannon). Now you have snagged the role of the cooler, more attractive, probably more interesting, evil, undead brother of the title character in Vampire Diaries. Good job. If I know my vampire shows - and I think I do - you'll probably get the girl in the end after the masses realize the good girl dating the good vampire is a bit tired (hey, don't doubt me. It's happened on Buffy and it is well on its way in True Blood ). Point being, if I were an insecure, high school girl, I would totally allow you to suck my blood. In fact, I'd probably allow you to suck my blood if I were a (semi)-mature, twenty-something-year-old who had - thank god - graduated high school. Which I am. Point being, I've only seen one episode of this show and I'm already rooting for the bad guy. Is it because of his gorgeous eyes? Sexy outfits? Perfect, chiseled features? Take your pick. Or better yet, embrace them all.

(although I never wanted Damon to end up with Elena, every time we got to see -or read- something sweet about him, it just made me feel sorry for him. -anyone saw epi Haunted last Thursday?- I'd have no problem inviting him in and comforting him. LOL)

11. Gerard Butler as Dracula in Dracula 2000

It's not easy to be given the task of playing Dracula. He is the vampire of vampires. The Dark Prince. The Count. The Unholy Master. Choose your creepy nickname. Thankfully, Gerard Butler from Dracula 2000 did a remarkable job bringing Bram Stoker's original character to life. Sure, critics may argue that the movie was, um, subpar and that Dracula wasn't all that scary, but let's focus on what's truly important. I mean, when was scary the goal? That's right: never. The thing worth noting here is that Butler looks fantastic in black, has gorgeous, long dark hair and has fangs that seem well proportioned and perfect for drinking blood. What else does a vampire need? Besides, seeing Dracula in the modern world is a treat. With some tech savvy CGI effects and a plethora of cool vampire Matrix moves, Gerard Butler is both compelling and fun to watch in this title role.

(I look at that raised eyebrow, and all I can think about is:)

10. Stephen Moyer as Bill Compton in True Blood

He's our vampire with the heart of gold. Sure, there were some killing sprees in the past with his sire, but bygones, right? Those days are long behind him. Or, well, unless somebody threatens Sookie, but that's kind of romantic, right? Maybe? Not even a little? Okay, perhaps it's a little creepy. Nevertheless, Bill Compton has decided of his own devices to give up delicious human blood, live as a human in the South, and date the lovely Anna Paquin (in real life and in the show). What's more, he's done this all without the motivation of a pesky Gypsy curse. Wow. What a guy. With a Southern accent and a serious persona, Sookie falls head over heels for this bloodsucker and it's hard not to see why. Bill Compton is gorgeous and wonderfully old fashioned and even when he does something insanely stupid (such as resorting to his dark, killing ways) you kind of have to forgive him when he shrugs, takes out his Wii, and tells Sookie that, hey, that dude deserved to die. And he's probably right. From a costume and make-up perspective, I love how the designers here have decided to give him a slightly out-dated style. It highlights the fact that he has never fully let-go of his previous mortal life, and even when he's in a crowded room you can tell that there's just something not completely right. You know, like maybe he loves A-positive a little too much.

(really? what does Sookie see in him? he's the only one in this list who does look dead)

9. Wesley Snipes as Blade in Blade

Okay, so he's not a "full" vampire (lame-o). Technically, he's half-human, but sort of like that hybrid baby in the forth Twilight book, he got all the vampire perks (super strength, heightened senses, immortality), and none of the very annoying set-backs (aversion to sunlight, fear of crosses, hatred of garlic). And he's kind of a bad ass. I mean, how many people do you know could take out a room full of vampires and look damn good doing it? Played by the awesome Wesley Snipes, Blade manages to instill total trust despite his huge frame and wicked fighting techniques. Further, costume designers have put him in lots of leather, given him some pretty hot looking shades, and (brace yourselves) equipped him with a cape. If I was going to be the sole person standing between the earth and it's take-over by the vampire population, I think I'd probably want a cape (me too). Point being, here is a guy you definitely want on your side in any fight. And then, maybe if he has time after saving the world and everything, a few minutes alone in a dark room.

8. Jason Dohring as Josef Kostan in Moonlight

He might not have been the title character in Moonlight , but Jason Dohring playing good vampire Josef Kostan made quite the impression on me. Perhaps (read: certainly) this stems from my longtime love of the tragically canceled television show Veronica Mars and, consequently, the character of Logan Echolls (played by Jason Dohring). (Ahh, how I miss that show!) However, despite this admittedly blinding obsession, I think my choice stands strong. In Moonlight , Dohring plays a 400-year old vampire with remarkable ease and depth. Strutting around in expensive suits, living in luxurious mansions, and taking his pick of any girl he wants, Josef is probably the envy of most guys. And who can blame them? In the show, he comes off as suave, smart, and wonderfully sexy, so much so that he has a gaggle of girls just lining up to give him their blood. And guys, I think we can all agree that there's something to be said about a vampire who gets his blood handed to him not through hypnotic vampire tricks or hunting, but through money and good looks.

7. Brad Pitt as Louis de Pointe du Lac in Interview with a Vampire

When arguably the sexiest man in popular culture today buckles down to play a heartbreaking and conflicted vampire in Anne Rice's Interview with a Vampire , you better expect good things. And Brad Pitt definitely does not disappoint. With long, blonde hair, billowing white shirts, and a very tragic demeanor, Pitt brings the character of Louis de Pointe du Lac to life (or, rather, undead life) in this epic tale. Even though he's still sort of an evil guy (he is a vampire after all with perhaps the worst mentor ever - thanks a lot Lestat), his attempts to do what's right - however misguided - have you rooting for his success throughout the entire film. Perhaps the most tragic scene of the movie occurs when Louis realizes that a mistake he made led to Lestat turning an eight-year old girl. The repercussions both literally and figuratively haunt him throughout the rest of his existence, and through Brad Pitt's brilliant acting we see every single moment of pain played out on his face. While I'm still a little bit afraid of this struggling vampire, his perfect features, and amazingly hypnotic eyes make me want to curl up with him by a fire and tell him everything will be alright. Even though I'll probably be lying.

(is it just me, or does he look slightly cockeyed in this pic?)

6. Keifer Sutherland as David in The Lost Boys

A vampire with a mullet? That's right. Who says vampires can't pick up on regrettable fashion trends? Keifer Sutherland introduces us to a whole new kind of the undead. In The Lost Boys , Sutherland plays the ring leader of a band of vampire misfits. His eighties style, manipulative nature, and bad boy image make him more than compelling to watch. And what's more, Sutherland's character David makes vampirism look fun . From a teenager's perspective, this is the life. He hangs out with tough looking guys, lives in Southern California, and has a bunch of hot women surrounding him. Is there anything better? Before he was saving the world from terrorists, nuclear disaster, and assassinations in 24, Keifer Sutherland was bedding virgins, turning innocents, and hanging out in carnivals. If there's a better life for a creature of the undead, I don't want to know about it.

5. David Boreanaz as Angel in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

Even though he was kind of a stalker in the first season, Angel made girls around the United States swoon - myself included. Apparently David Boreanaz was only meant to appear in a select few episodes of the first season, but the overwhelming support from fans not only caused Joss Whedon to keep him in the series, but motivated him to create a spin-off TV show entitled, Angel. And who can blame him? Not only does Angel have one of the all time epic forbidden romances with vampire slayer Buffy Summers, he kicks major ass. With billowing black coats, very gelled hair, and an incredibly chiseled face, Angel is sort of the perfect male specimen. And while some may gripe that he sometimes loses his soul when he achieves perfect happiness, his evil, soulless, counterpart is even more entertaining to watch. To start with, he wears leather pants on a regular basis and becomes ten times more snarky. It's not only fun to watch, it'll convince you that the bad guys probably do have a lot more fun.

(Angel, you'll always be my no. 1 <3)

4. Antonio Banderas as Armand in Interview with a Vampire

There's something to be said for a vampire in a position of power. Antonio Banderas as Armand from Interview with a Vampire not only boasts a very sexy accent, but leads a cohort of likeminded evil vampires in Europe. Perhaps the most compelling facet of this character is Armand's general life philosophy. Unlike some of the more, err, whiny vampires in popular culture who have major blood issues, Armand boasts an existence without regret. He lives freely and passionately and his zest for life is infectious. With dark eyes and features, he plays an excellent counterpart to Brad Pitt's fairer features, while also balancing out Louis' rather depressing take on vampires. By the end of the movie I can safely say that if I had to spend an eternity with Lestat, Louis, or Armand, Armand would win hands down, every single time. He's sexy, fun, and doesn't spend quite as much time brooding, which, contrary to what seems to be vampire popular belief, is not as attractive as it may sound.

3. Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman in True Blood

Let's face it: Bill Compton may be good looking and chivalrous, but he's not terribly interesting, and unfortunately for Bill, Eric is really interesting. What does this mean? Well, if Alan Ball follows the books even remotely, Bill may be watching on the sidelines as Sookie runs into the very pale, very cold arms of one Mr. Eric Northman. And maybe it's my love for bad boys with layers, but I'm rooting for Eric on this one. I'd much rather see Sookie in a relationship with Eric than Bill. If nothing else, the fights would be much more entertaining, and the sex probably way hotter. I know there are a lot of Bill fans out there who are probably bubbling with rage right now, but c'mon. You can't be all that surprised, can you? Let me lay it down for you: on the one hand we have a whiney, questionable dresser, who plays Wii. On the other hand, we have a powerful, leather-wearing, club owning badass who can tell the other hand what to do. I think there is a very obvious and clear winner here.

2. Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen in Twilight

Oh, Edward Cullen. Your penchant for stalking teenage girls and attending high school for all of eternity aside (dude, why ?), you are one good looking bloodsucker. Sure, the stirrings of your hotness were there when you played Cedric Diggory back at Hogwarts (R.I.P. friend), but I don't think any of us really appreciated the true beauty that is you until you stepped into the Forks cafeteria in Twilight. What I like about Robert Pattinson's appearance for this role (besides the obvious 'please-take-me-now' facet) is that he actually looks like a vampire. Unlike other high school vampire shows (I'm thinking of you, Vampire Diaries ), there is something simply too pretty about Edward Cullen. I mean, there is just no way somebody who looks like him is human. He has to be something more. Perhaps it's the golden, color-changing eyes, or the perfectly placed hair, or maybe the very pale skin and impossibly red lips, but it only takes one look to know that this guy is not a guy at all. He can't be. To conclude, I guess it's not at all surprising that Bella falls in love with him in about 2.5 seconds (give or take). I mean, wouldn't you?

(this pic does not favour him, at all)

1. James Marsters as Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

Well, we've come to the end of the list and I know what you're all thinking. "Dude, really?" I mean, those of you who have seen Buffy know exactly what I'm talking about, but to some...this might be a mystery. He has bleached blonde hair, you may say, and wears red and black together which is not only a vampire cliché, but looks horrendous. Why does he get to be number one? Allow me to tell you: for one, he has a British accent and not just any British accent. It's a cockney British accent. If you don't think this is hot, you simply need to hear him say "bugger" and "bloody" a few times. It's awesome. Two, the character of Spike is really funny. This is an incredibly rare trait in a vampire and I don't know about you guys, but a guy who can make me laugh gets major points. Three, he's love's bitch. His words, not mine. Spike is man enough to admit that when it comes to love, he pretty much let's himself be taken over by it. We see this consistently throughout the show, whether it's his total and complete devotion to the very weak vampire Drusilla in the first two seasons (he nearly kills himself to save her), or his quest to obtain a soul to prove himself worthy of Buffy in season six. When this guy falls in love, he falls all the way in. Finally, he's ridiculously handsome. Not only does he have one of the most chiseled bodies I've ever seen, he has amazing blue eyes and very defined cheek bones. And while his style isn't exactly what'd I'd seek out on a normal day of vampire watching, William the Bloody makes it work for him. The Billy Idol, punk rock persona adds a level of vampire uniqueness that is greatly appreciated in a world of brooding, old-fashioned bloodsuckers. In the end, Spike can suck my blood any day of the week.

(this is not a list of my creation, this is just something i wanted to share with you, i could've posted a link but i was bored, and then i was almost done, so why not finish it. you can find the original post here.)

Ella's Top 5:

#5: Edward Cullen. Yep. He may be creepy, but he'd do anything for the girl he loves.
#4: Bill Compton. Although I'm not attracted to the guy, I'd be marrying him just for the fact that he'd kill someone just to keep me safe.
#3: Stefan Salvatore. #paulwesleysabs. Ain't no thing
#2: Damon Salvatore. I just love bad guys, and to have Ian play him is just ah-mazing
#1: Angel. I've been in love with him since I first saw him in Buffy, and then in Angel. Who doesn't love a guy who wears leather and looks good in it?

Who made it to your top 5?

Oct 28, 2009

sorry i haven't been around...
i'm procrastinating... a lot.
since i'm ill... i'm better now but don't tell! shhh

in my trip (remember i was gone for two weeks?) i only got Interview with the Vampire, by Anne Rice. but i still have to finish Molly Harper's 2nd book.

i'm still reading blogs, just not posting anything, cause i've got nothing interesting to post.

love ya!


that's me----->

Oct 21, 2009

Author Guest Post: Nadine Laman

This is a very special post, written by my lovely friend Nadine
(author of the Kathryn's Beach Trilogy, and blogger @ First Draft),
because I'm positive everyone will agree to it.

Whenever I read an E-Book, or hear an Audiobook, I always think of the Printed Book.
That's why if I liked the E-B or AB,
that book goes directly to my To Be Bought List.

Please read this short post.
It speaks nothing but the truth.



There was a publishing industry article recently that said typesetters were a dying breed in America. I didn't read the whole article, but I have thought about that for days now.
In this digital world, there is still something special about a printed book. There is something about the feel of the paper, the cover, the texture of the cover that touches the humanity in us in a way that a digital book cannot. As much as I like the sleekness of digital formats, they are separated from us by an electronic device we need to read it.
I have books from the late 1800's and early 1900's. The print is irregular at times, a damaged letter that is distinctive to that particular typesetter's box reoccurs throughout the text, almost as his maker's mark.
Despite the occasional imperfections in the letters, there is almost a liveliness to the pages. Imagine a human hand setting the letters, one by one, for a 70,000 word book. There is a human quality to a paper book, even if undefined, when we touch it - linking us to the person who labored to set the type, or ink the press that put the words on paper or bound the pages together.
I'm just as amazed with Monastic scribes and their ornate calligraphy. I've seen a few of their works in museums, but unlike a printed book, I can't hold them in my hands.
There is something about folding down the corner on the page, marking a special part of a story, a line or two to be read over and over. The feel of a book in hand, no technology needed except, perhaps, reading glasses. So here is a nod and 'thank you' to the typesetters, now and in the past, for what they bring to us through their labors.



Do you feel the same way?

Oct 19, 2009

Exclusive Breaking News: I Heart Monster Hearts Nicholas Cage

So, while I'm still on my super secret trip, I'm letting my friends blog about cool stuff here @ TCM. On July 4th I dared Shesten from I Heart Monster and this is the first thing she's done from the list. This is #2:
Write a letter to Nicholas Cage declaring your undying love to him. Blog it.

Have fun.

ps: check out the list of challenges she has to do in 3 months!


So I was flipping through my mental file folders trying to find something fun and creative for Ella, when I stumbled upon that pesky challenge she issued me. I know you haven't heard much from me on that front, but hey, I really have been working on it, especially my love for Nicholas Cage. As you will witness below, my feelings for Nick have blossomed and taken over my whole life. I can't stop thinking about him, and owe it all to Ella for making me reevaluate the way I look at the actor for whom I used to have a masterful disdain. I wrote him a letter telling him exactly how I felt, and thought I'd share it with you guys here first!

My Darling Nicholas,

I was walking down Highland Ave in Hollywood on Monday when I decided to stop by Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Much to my delight, I found your hand and foot prints in the concrete there. I was with family, so I couldn't tell them about the heart palpitations I felt just looking at your foot prints in the concrete. No matter how much I fight it, I can't deny how much I am in love with you. I love you more than I love Disneyland. I love you more than I love chocolate. I love you more than I love jalapeno flavored potato chips. I love you more than I love socks. I really wish that I could have had my picture taken with your hand and foot prints, but felt too scared that my love for you might be discovered by my family. You are an amazing actor who has honed his craft into a masterful performance. The more I see your work, the more it makes me cry out of appreciation for your talent. Please write me back Nicholas. I don't think my heart could take it if you don't feel the same way I do.



Now that you've read about my burgeoning secret love, I guess it's not a secret anymore. You all are the first to know. Do you think I need to go to Nicholas Cage Anonymous?

Oct 17, 2009

Author Guest Post: Ron Riekki

Don't miss today's post. It can get a bit long, but it's worth it, trust me.
Especially if you're an aspiring author.

I love today's post, simply because this is an author I really hadn't heard of before,
and I think many of you hadn't either, and I love discovering new authors and books,
especially when the book has meaning.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I give you
Ron Riekki, Author of
I'm excited to write this guest blog, because Ella is allowing me to do something I've never done before and that's to speak directly to the book bloggers. And I want to say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you."

Without the Internet, my book sales would have been almost non-existent, because the corporate world of magazines and newspapers won't cover small press books, even when they're done through high quality indy publishers such as Ghost Road Press. Ghost Road books have won the WILLA Award, Colorado Book Award, American Book Award, Spur Award, and others.
And Ghost Road authors include Rafael Alvarez (writer for HBO's The Wire), Douglas Brinkley (CBS News history commentator), John Bullock (previous University of Virginia Creative Writing Program Henry Hoynes Fellow), and other amazing writers. Matt Davis of Ghost Road signs talented people who operate outside of commercial-leaning corporate publishers. In other words, Davis and Ghost Road take risks. And that's exactly what I love to do as an author.

My debut novel with them, U.P., was turned down by several agents and publishers who loved the book, but said it was "experimental" and so therefore wouldn't "sell". I knew that it would. And I also knew that whatever press had the guts to publish it would reap the benefits. And I believe those benefits now have been plentiful for Ghost Road. The book is in its 33rd week as their bestselling novel. Two producers in L.A. have contacted Davis about turning the novel into a film. And I've done about one hundred interviews where I've constantly plugged Ghost Road as a great press, because they are. They give you a fair percentage for your contract and allow you to write without selling out. They want good writing without the Ethan Hawke, Jewel, celebrity book concerns of the majors. No books about New York and shopping and nannies and vampires. No cheesy endings. I was gabbing with Alvarez one day and he said something along the lines that Matt Davis has more integrity in his pinky than most corporate publishers have in their entire bodies. Davis fights to keep literature alive, gutsy, transgressive, bleeding, unique. Books, not Book$.

And so I highly encourage you to go to www.ghostroadpress.com and poke around at their titles and authors. I'm so happy we live in this post-modern era where Polyester Books in Australia carries my little novel and I'm getting to write on a guest blog in Argentina while living in California. I love the immediate interconnections of the world now where we don't have to be included within the Kafkaesque walls of so many of the major publishing houses.

I tried to get U.P. into Books-A-Million and Borders and I was amazed at how incredibly mean they treated me, how I was talked down to as if I was some pesky fly on the wall. I wanted to tell them that I'd devoted my life to this, that I'd gone through the MFA Program for Playwriting at Brandeis University, the MFA Program for Fiction Writing at the University of Virginia, and the Ph.D. Program for Literature & Creative Writing at Western Michigan University, that I'd worked so many minimum wage jobs to support my writing habit that Charles Bukowski's life looks envious to mine. But I could tell they could care less.

But, oh, this is what I love about 2009, so many, so sooooo many indy bookstores are out there now--The Country Village Bookstore in Ishpeming, The Gnu's Room Bookstore in Auburn, Snowbound Books in Marquette, Falling Rock Cafe & Book Store in Munising, Polyester Books in Victoria, Russo's Books in Bakersfield, and a lot more. And those indy stores that support indy presses with indy authors make it so that we can write and not sell-out. We can create. We can exist.

And the book bloggers, they're a massive part of this new revolution, a little engine that could for authors out there who live to find their audience. And I believe in my novel. And that's because it's gotten such rave reviews, like this one and this other one.

National Book Award winner John Casey nominated U.P. for the prestigious Sewanee Writers' Series. Anne Beattie, included in Best American Short Stories of the Century, called me at my home to tell me how impressed she was by U.P. I know it's a good book, but it would have died without its being embraced by Ghost Road and all those great small bookstores and the wonderful, wonderful blogs who've let me do guest writing or interviews. I've listed ten of them below with my appearances on their sites.

Hopefully you'll check my interviews and guest blogs out to find out more about myself as an author and you'll also keep poking around to check out the rest of their blogs. We're becoming one big intense happy Internet family that has none of the rules of the major corporates. We can talk about what we want to talk about, say whatever we want to say, and let each other know what we love, who we're reading, and why it's important to our lives. I absolutely love it!

Check out:
1) Trisha's Book Blog
2) Hellnotes: Fiction, Movies, and Art Dedicated to the Horror Genre
3) Yooper Steez
4) The First Book
5) SmartAss Radio
6) The Book Girl Reviews
7) Just Your Typical Book Blog
8) Metal Express Radio
9) La Femme Readers
10) My Book, the Movie

Thank you so much to all of the above blogs and to all of your bloggers in general! You're allowing us to be discovered!

Ron Riekki, author of U.P.


U.P.'s Summary (from GhostRoadPress.com):

"From a bold new novelist comes a complex tale of friendship and brutality. Set in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, U.P. is the story of four teens immersed in an ugly world, one whose threat of violence is always simmering beneath the surface. R.A. Riekki's distinctive characters and their poignant quest for freedom is a swan song to lost youth, redefining the traditional coming-of-age story. Four boys, four distinct narratives that converge into a harrowing and heartbreaking whole."

Oct 15, 2009

I Love Buying Books !!!, by Diane from The Book Resort

Today's Guest Post was written by a dear friend of mine,
(you may know her from The Book Resort, or Royal Reviews).
I'm not sure how we got to be where we are today,
but I'm thankful that we did.
She's one of those friends that you have to hold on to,
cause they'll be there whenever you're in need.
Just as I'll always be here whenever she needs me.

I completely share Diane's vision here,
and am sure many of you will too.

I LOVE buying books.

I have always loved buying books. I love having my own books. It is just that simple.I love to fill my shelves with an eclectic array of books. I just want to have a diverse collection of books @ the ready for my peculiar reading penchant aka my idiosyncratic proclivities that are MINE!!!
When I purchase my stash of books they are mine to read whenever I want. They belong to only me. No one else will have their grubby mitts on my pristine books.

No " book cooties " from goodness knows where. My mind doesn't have to freak if someone washed their hands ~ gag.I don't have to worry about reading them w/i 7 days & hope to renew. I mean, the late fees are worth it if it is a book not really worth keeping in my home library, but still I don't like the pressure or stress of meeting a deadline.

I'm a temperamental chick. I have a capricious spirit. So, today it is Jessica Conant-Park, Jennifer Banash, Joanne Fluke, tomorrow Leann Sweeney, Laura Levine, Lauren Baratz-Logsted the next day J B Stanley, Kelley Armstrong, Michael Northrop, next week Carolyn Hart, Don Calamine, Jen Calonita next month Cleo Coyle, Phil Craig, Wendy Corsi Staub, Erica Spindler, Sandra Brown ...

Buying books allows me to take my own sweet time ~ no library anxiety. No slinking around the stacks when I pop into the library because "Mrs. Bookmark" is next on the reserve list & " Mrs. Snoopy Check Out" *knows* I still have the book out ; 8. Oh, the sweat that drips as I attempt covert library maneuvers.

I LOVE visiting bookstores. Ahhh, the chills & thrills I get the minute I step into a bookstore. It's on par w/ a socialite @ a charity gala ~ euphoric. I just love new books. To see them lined up on the shelves & scattered around the book store has me bewitched like one of those delightful Halliwell sisters.

Even library connoisseurs have a few books sprinkled through out their homes.No bona fide book-lover can navigate through life w/o owning @ least one book.
Hmmm... wonder why that one particular book? Despite this precarious economy, I still spend $$$ money on books. I am doing MY part to help this economy ~ by buying books ; ) !!!
I know I can get them for free @ the library ~ the only plastic I need is a library card ~ but I have a passionate desire to help my cherished authors.

My Best & Happy Reading!

Oct 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Pretty Book! #3 (and what's happening @ TCM for the next 10 days)

Here at last!
The book that everyone's been talking about!

And that sadly I've yet to read...

HUSH, HUSH is released TODAY!!!

Please let's give a round of applause to everyone who's made this possible!

A big Congratulations to Becca Fitzpatrick!

(From the Interview I had with Becca @ TCM):

We’re very close to the release date of Hush, Hush. Are you excited?
I'm nervous! I think there's quite a bit of excitement beneath all
the layers of nervous anticipation, but the questions foremost on my mind are: Will people like the book? Will they want to read more?
Will I be able to make a career out of writing, or will this book kill
the idea on the spot? There are so many unknowns! But after all
that, yes, I'm incredibly excited!

Becca, from what I've read, people are already craving for more!
Congratulations one more time!

So, as of today I'm not going to be here,
but I didn't want to leave my blog unattended , therefore,
I've asked some friends to help me keep TCM alive these next few days
while I'm going to a super-fun-and-seekrit place on this corner of the world.

We'll be having really fun stuff here,
stuff you won't want to miss!

I won't have time to read as much while I'm gone,
nor will I be able to watch The Vampire Diaries & Glee
*sobs--> especially after that HUGE cliffhanger in VD!

I'll try not to buy any book, but I seriously doubt that.
I really can't spend much money, only a bit of what my parents will give me.
Ah, the economic crisis is killing us...
Even if I don't want to, I always end up with a new book in my hands.

But doesn't that happen to us all?


Oct 11, 2009

Review: Vampire Diaries: Dark Reunion & Ep 5 of the TV Show

<--- Cover for the Spanish version of Dark Reunion

Summary (from Amazon):

Now she rises from the dead to recreate the powerful vampire trio.

Summoned by Elena, he keeps a promise to her and fights the most terrifying evil he's ever faced.

Joining the brother he once called enemy, Damon battles this new horror with strength, cunning, and deadly charm.

Cover for the 1999 edition, US--->

My Opinion:

I really can't say much without giving away the story. But if you've read the series, you know how Fury ends, with a huge cliffhanger! And this book picks up somewhere you just want to scream "what happened?".
This is by far, the best book in the series.
(To me) these books are way better than Twilight (sorry SM).
I just love the darkness in them, and then the light.
The only thing I have against them is that they're too short.

I just finished this book, and I'm just wowed.

Same thing with the Show's last episode. And I won't be able to watch the following one cause I'll be away! Arghhh!

I have to admit that I've loved Vampire stories ever since watching Buffy and Angel, but this is something completely different. And better!

I'm loving this series, and am happy cause it's starting next 22nd, so I'll be able to show it to my friends, one of them a reader of the books. Can't wait!

Sorry that this is a very fangirly review, but it's just how I'm feeling now.

I have to read the next book and find out what happened to Elena!!!

Happy Sunday!

(this is part of the L.J. Smith Reading Challenge hosted by My Friend Amy)

Oct 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Khy!

You're one of the coolest Book Bloggers out there!
We all love you!

I wish you the best,

The Eclectic Reader's Giveaway! Open Int'l!

The Eclectic Reader is celebrating its 1st Blogoverasy by holding a Spookalicious Giveaway in which you can choose from these books:

This is open Internationally!
Go over to The Eclectic Reader and enter!

Oct 7, 2009

Author Interview: Tera Lynn Childs

Ladies & Gentlemen, let's give a warm round of applause to:

Hi Tera! Thanks so much for stopping by TCM!

I was going through your site, and ended up in the section that talked about you. There it said that you’re a goddess wannabe. Can you tell me which goddess you’d choose to be?

I’m not allowed to choose. I have to write about all of their descendants in my books, and if I played favorites…. Well, let’s just say that the last time Hera, Athena and Aphrodite duked it out they started the Trojan War. I’m not taking any chances. (But, shhh, when I took the quiz I got Athena. And I’m good with that.)

Your upcoming book is called Forgive my Fins, and it’s about a half-mermaid, half-human girl. Mermaids happen to be my favourite mythological creature (Therefore, I can’t wait to read this!). If tomorrow you were turned into one, would you choose to stay that way, travel through the oceans, meet new places and people; or go back to being human right away?

I’m a water baby, all the way. Since as far back as I can remember I’ve loved swimming and water and marine life and beaches and ocean. When I lived in California my cousin and I were in love with the movie Splash. We used to try splashing water on ourselves to see if we were secretly mermaids. I think we finally decided that it had to be saltwater, and if we could just get to the ocean then we could swim away. I don’t think I’ve ever really let go of that dream. So, yeah, I’d probably choose to stay a mermaid. (Assuming, of course, there were other merfolk around and I wasn’t all alone in the big vast ocean.)

And in Goddess Boot Camp, Phoebe has to learn how to use her recently discovered powers. If you could have a power, what would it be and why?

Just one?!? Okay, this isn’t one of the twelve powers from Goddess Boot Camp, but I’d like dvr-type control of real life. To be able to pause and think before you answer a tricky questions, to rewind a few seconds and avoid spilling hot coffee on your laptop, or to fast forward through the boring parts, like traffic and lines at the post office. That would be awesome. It would come in especially handy around deadline time because I could give myself some extra hours to polish that first draft!

Now for the musical part. What song would you choose to represent Phoebe and Griffin’s relationship?

Hmmm, well, I’m not sure I can pick a single song to represent their relationship. They’ve had a pretty rocky road, if I get to write a third installment, let’s just say it’s not exactly a smooth ride to the finish. But I wrote Oh. My. Gods. back in the summer of 2005 and I can share some of the songs that were repeating on my iPod at the time.

  • Pon De Replay by Rihanna
  • Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield
  • Lonely No More by Rob Thomas
  • Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day
  • Ohio (Come Back to Texas) by Bowling for Soup
  • You and Me by Lifehouse
  • We Belong Together by Mariah Carey

Could you name some of your favourite books from this year?

(These aren’t all books from this year, just fave books I’ve read this year.)

  • Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
  • Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer
  • Wake by Lisa McMann
  • Eyes Like Stars by Lisa Mantchev
  • Too Good To Be True by Kristan Higgins
  • What Happens in London by Julia Quinn

Team Bunny, Team Unicorn, or the recently added Team Zombie?

Well, while I like both bunnies and unicorns very much, I don't think I'd like to be on a team with them. I mean, bunnies can't do much to save you in battle other than wrinkle their noses. And unicorns might spear the enemy with their horn, or the could just as well go back to grazing on grass. Then again, zombies want to eat my brains, so that's a no thank you. How about Team Mermaid? I'd definitely be on that one.

Thank you for stopping by The Clock Monkey! I’m glad you took the time to answer my questions :)

And since it's not December 1st yet, I'm linking to her website, her blog, her facebook, her twitter, and to get her books: Amazon, B&N, Indiebound, and The Book Depository.

Oct 6, 2009

FTC's New Law for [Book] Bloggers

(from Sarah's Random Musings):

"As of December 1st, bloggers are going to be required to state in the review that you have been compensated. This means that if you keep the review copy, you must disclose it or risk quite the fine. You are going to have to include this on your taxes, too. Fun stuff, right? So, we are going to have change the way that we run our blogs. You also can't link to Amazon or anywhere that you can buy books. Not even author's websites."

W. T. F.

What is going on here? I'd love to know. Sarah's calling the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) on Monday, and she's taking note of any questions you may want her to ask any FTC representative that talks to her. Follow the link above to go to her site.

According to this Interview with FTC's Richard Cleland, every time a Book Blogger reviews a book, giving it a "positive" review, he or she will have to return the product (in this case, the book given for review) to the person from whom he or she got it from. If the Blogger was to keep the (book), it'd be considered a "compensation", and the Blogger would be fined (once the law was settled).

From the way Cleland puts it, the FTC is convinced that we Bloggers are only after personal benefits, such as keeping the book we're given, after we've reviewed it. Like we only care about having our houses filled with books just because we like it that way. Not because we are truly interested in discovering new and exciting worlds through reading, oh no! What am I thinking? Or course that's not what we do.

“If a blogger received enough books,” said Cleland, “he could open up a used bookstore.”

This man obviosly has no clue of what the Book Blogging Community means to the Bloggers and Authors. I think that if I had enough books, the last thing I'd do would be opening a book store.
Because if I really liked a book, I'd lend it to my friends and family, and urge people to go and buy that book!

Do Authors really think we'd re-sell the books we've been trusted with? That would be a very mean thing to do to an Author. Even if we didn't like a book, we wouldn't sell it, we'd give it to someone who'd enjoy it more than we did.

“If there’s an expectation that you’re going to write a positive review,” said Cleland, “then there should be a disclosure.”

Not always Bloggers write positive reviews, so, when there's a "negative" one, we're free to do as we please?

"Cleland informed me that the FTC’s main criteria is the degree of relationship between the advertiser and the blogger.

“The primary situation is where there’s a link to the sponsoring seller and the blogger,” said Cleland. And if a blogger repeatedly reviewed similar products (say, books or smartphones), then the FTC would raise an eyebrow if the blogger either held onto the product or there was any link to an advertisement."

This really blows me away. What relationship are they thinking we have? Or what do they want us to do? What does linking have to do with all of this?

What are they looking for to accomplish with this law?

I'll be looking forward to reading the blog post from Sarah once she gets to talk to the FTC.

What's yout opinion about all of this?

Oct 3, 2009

Let's help save Shrinking Violet!

Danielle Joseph
's terrific YA novel Shrinking Violet follows a shy high school senior trying to find her voice and reach her dream of becoming a DJ, despite the obstacles that stand in her way.

Danielle needs our help!
For more copies to be printed, more people have to place orders for the book.

So here's what we can do, straight from Danielle:

"Please tell anyone that you think might be interested to place an order now – at Amazon or Indiebound – before it's too late. Guys, girls, grandmas, grandpas, you're never too old to read humorous teen fiction!

I'm also running a contest for those that want to have some fun! There will be four winners, each receiving a $25 gift certificate to iTunes or the bookstore of their choice.

So how can you win?
1. Post a review of Shrinking Violet on Amazon.com or B & N.com and earn 2 points
2 Blog, Tweet or Facebook about the Save Shrinking Violet Campaign and earn 1 point for each mention
3. Take a picture of yourself wearing a sweater and mimicking the book's cover (you must have the book in the photo too) and earn 2 points

Contest begins at 11pm on Thursday, September 24, 2009 and ends at 11pm on Thursday, October 15, 2009.
After you enter, you can either email me at danielle@daniellejoseph.com or leave me a comment on my blog under the entry, Save Shrinking Violet!"

Here's more about Shrinking Violet...

"High school senior Teresa Adams is so painfully shy that she dreads speaking to anyone in the hallways or getting called on in class. But in the privacy of her bedroom with her iPod in hand, she rocks out doing mock broadcasts for Miami's hottest FM radio station, which happens to be owned by her stepfather. When a slot opens up at The SLAM, Tere surprises herself by blossoming behind the mike into confident, sexy Sweet T to everyone's shock, she's a hit! Even Gavin, the only guy in school who she dares to talk to, raves about the mysterious DJ's awesome taste in music. But when The SLAM announces a songwriting contest, and a prom date with Sweet T is the grand prize, Sweet T's dream could turn into Tere's worst nightmare. . ."

And some well-deserved praise-singing for the book:

"Bella, eat your heart out. Tere is the girl every young woman truly wants to be. . . . Brilliant work, Danielle Joseph." -Ellen Hopkins, New York Times bestselling author of Identical

"Danielle Joseph takes readers into the glamorous world of Top 40 radio, with a character who is both funny and relatable. Readers will cheer when Tere finds her voice!" -Alex Flinn, author of Breathing Underwater and A Kiss in Time

"A funny, romantic, and truly inspirational Cinderella tale for any teen who's ever been shy, loved music, or dreamed of going to the ball. Wait, that's pretty much everybody." -Gaby Triana, author of The Temptress Four

Please remember... you can NOT enter the contest here. You MUST go to Danielle's blog to leave contest comments!!!

Let's keep supporting YA literature!

Oct 1, 2009

Author Interview: Becca Fitzpatrick

With only 12 days to the release of Hush, Hush, the awesome Becca Fitzpatrick has answered some questions I dared to ask her a while ago. I was scared that she'd say she couldn't, because she was to busy, but I was really surprised when she said she'd do it. This put a huge smile on my face, and this is how I learned Authors and Bloggers have a special connection, and that we as Book Bloggers mustn't be afraid to reach out to them, the worst that could happen is an Author apologizing for having to much work to answer your Interview. And who are we to stop them from Writing?

So if you've seen Interviews at different Blogs, but are to scared to contact an Author for fear of being turned down, remember this: Authors are very cool people, who love those of us who read their work, and they love reading that people are interested in them. Stuff like Interviews and Guest Blogs are really helpful to them, because is a different way of promoting their work.

Becca was the first Author I had the nerve to ask for an Interview, and she taught me that we're all equals, there's no need to be afraid of them.
Thanks Becca!

So, without further ado: Becca Fitzpatrick!
Hi Becca! Thanks for being here today! I'm very happy to have you here.
Hey, Ella! Thanks so much for inviting me!

We’re very close to the release date of Hush, Hush. Are you excited?
I'm nervous! I think there's quite a bit of excitement beneath all
the layers of nervous anticipation, but the questions foremost on my mind are: Will people like the book? Will they want to read more?
Will I be able to make a career out of writing, or will this book kill
the idea on the spot? There are so many unknowns! But after all
that, yes, I'm incredibly excited!

I read on a blog that you worked on this book for five years and that you have over two thousand pages of deleted scenes to show for it. That’s a lot of dedication. I’m sure you must be happy you kept writing it.
I can laugh about those five years now, but it was
definitely one of the most frustrating periods of my life. It was
such a roller coaster. When an agent would ask to see pages, or even offer to read a rewrite, I would be way up on cloud nine. When the rejections rolled in, I'd feel a mix of despair and renewed conviction
to keep writing until I got the story right. I still have most of
those many, many pages, but I haven't looked at them in over a year.
I'm afraid the sight of them might make me throw up! But the one
thing I can say for sure is it's the things we work hardest for in
life that bring the most satisfaction and joy. To writers out there
who're feeling discouraged: keep at it. Persistence is key.

They’re calling your book dark, sexy and mysterious. Did any of this words come to mind when writing it?
That's a great question. I don't really remember any of those particular adjectives coming to mind, but I do remember trying to maintain a sinister and suspenseful tone.

Also, people who’ve read it and reviewed it claim that there are several scenes in the book that reminded them of Twilight. What do you think of this?
I can see where people would get that. After all, in
both stories the biology classroom is an important part of the
setting, and both have otherworldly heroes. I remember at one point
while I was submitting to agents, one of them asked if I'd be willing
to rewrite the opening scene to take place in a health class, because
biology was just too similar to Twilight. I had to laugh, because
this comment didn't come until 2007, when Twilight was big. Nobody
seemed to have a problem with setting the story in biology before
that! On an interesting side note, when I submitted Hush, Hush to
agents starting in 2003, the book's title was Eclipsed. I think
sometimes similarities are nothing more than unexpected coincidences.
That said, I enjoyed Twilight very much and I'm looking forward to
reading the rest of the series.

Team Bunny or Team Unicorn?
Team Unicorn!

Favourites of this year?
Ice by Sarah Beth Durst, The Monstrumologist
by Rick Yancey, The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan and The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han.

I saw the playlist for Hush, Hush over at your site, and noticed that you’d put The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”. That is one of my favourite songs. My question is: did you listen to this song while writing, or selected it for the playlist after the book was finished?
I plot my books while exercising, so I actually listened to that song while
running and hashing out Hush, Hush's plot. I love music in the
planning/plotting stage, but when I sit down to do the actual writing,
I need quiet. When I write to music, I find that I think my writing
is better than it actually is. That's the power of good music!

Thank you for stopping by The Clock Monkey! I’m glad you took the time to answer my questions.

Any time! It was a lot of fun! Now I'm super curious how you came up
with the name The Clock Monkey. Tell!

Becca Fitzpatrick.

Someday I'll tell, Becca. Someday...

This was really fun, and I'll always remember you as the First Author I ever Interviewed!

Thanks for being such a sweetheart!

Becca's Upcoming Events:

October 13, 6:30PM
Book launch party!
Readers Cove in Ft. Collins, CO

October 15, 5PM
Educator Reception Night
Loveland, CO B&N

October 16, 7PM
Reading & signing
Fort Collins, CO B&N

Read the first two chapters online at Simon&Schuster.com

Countdown to Hush, Hush's Release!

Find out more about Hush, Hush!

Want this widget? Visit Becca's site and grab it!

Pre-Order Hush, Hush from Amazon/B&N/Indiebound
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