Jan 8, 2013

INSOMNIA is a finished draft! (Now on to the Revisions...)

(Mock cover by me; photo by Kristijan Antolovic)
Perhaps you remember me talking about my WIP on several ocassions. If you don't, then let me tell you:

I started writing Insomnia during NaNo '09. It went from being called Darkest Nights to having its current title. AND from being a completely different thing to what it is today after reading Beautiful Creatures and having a meltdown because I was writing something very, very similar to BC

It fills me with pride to announce that I can now stop calling it a WIP and call it a caterpillar of a novel! (Because it's not yet spread its wings, see? ;)

Insomnia now stands at 100+K words (which will have to be trimmed down to at least 80K) and I love it. Which writer doesn't love what they write?

The revised draft is in the hands of my beautiful Beta, Tanya, who I'm sure will point me to all the ugly bits that need to be worked on. 

Next comes the query

When I first started writing Insomnia, I told myself that I was doing it for fun, that I didn't care about whether it got published or not. But then I got more and more into the book blogging world, and my reading habits changed, and I learnt that if you set your mind into something, you can make it happen. Like me finishing my first ever book. 

So, then I thought, "Why not? Why don't I try and see if it would appeal to an audience larger than, well, me?" And that was the moment when I decided I'd make it the best it can possibly be, to then try and sell it. Maybe it will, maybe it won't, but it won't be because I didn't try it.

Right now, I'm an active member in the Absolute Write forums, one of the highest populated forums on writing. I'm looking for more Betas who'll work with me; and in the meantime, I'll post some of it on the Share Your Work forums, so I can get immediate feedback.

I'm reading some pretty cool first chapters there too! (Best of luck to those authors!)

So, if you're on the AW forums and you see me, say hi!
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