Feb 29, 2012

Re-Opening TCM! (Yeah, that didn't last long.)

So, lately I've been recieving more review requests than ever, which led me to thinking: was I right in closing down TCM, at what could be called, its prime time?

I did it because I realised I didn't have the time to manage this blog, Deliriously Falling and my Spanish book blog, besides from my life. But now, having been gone for just one month (but a very sad month), I'm getting second thoughts. Maybe if I'm more organised I can pull it out.

I know that by re-opening TCM, it's gonna be crazy, but I like crazy.

So, to those authors and publishers offering me review copies, Q&A, etc., I say OK! I'm back, I could still go again in a while, but for now, I think I'm gonna stick around.

See ya!
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