Jan 21, 2012

Finding the perfect photo for your book cover, getting the photographer's OK on using it...

...and three minutes later, being told by the photographer that an editor wants to buy exclusive rights to the photo and use it in a book cover. 

This is the photo, btw. Raven Heart by (c) curcabeata '11
That's CORA! That's Insomnia's cover! This picture represents my book so perfectly.
Argh, I'd already made the cover, and it looked so beautiful, you guys. Curcabeata was so nice to me, apologising for telling me yes first, and then no. She said she'd let me know if the editor did use the cover, because they weren't sure yet. 

So, be on the lookout for this photo in a cover! I'm sure it'll be a YA title, because of the girl. 

I do hope they buy the pic from her, because she'd be making some money then. But, then if they don't, this will definitely be Insomnia's cover. 

Go and see her portfolio, it's awesome!
*I'll go and silently cry in my room...*
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