Aug 15, 2011

The Day I Decided to Switch Stories

Doesn't she look happy?
Yeah, that's today. And I feel like the girl on the picture, honestly.

I'd been secretly dating another Idea -the horror!- while trying to finish Insomnia. But the thing is, even though I know exactly where Insomnia's going, I don't really want to keep writing it anymore. At least, not for now.

What started out as something fun became a sort of duty (I HAVE to finish this book! Or else...), in a bad way, and I don't want to feel that anymore. 

I do feel kind of bad for leaving my characters behind, now that I know them so well. But I think it's not the right time for me to write that story. So, I'm changing courses and following that other Idea I told you before.

And I'm very excited! I've already started drafting my character's personalities and their world, so before I dive into writing it, I know just where I'm headed.

I'll totally share stuff about it with you, when I have something to share, lol ;)

I think this is a good thing, something fresh and new. I'm glad I made this decision.

What are you writing? Let me know!
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