Jul 30, 2010

New Writing Blog: The YA Lit Six!

I've no idea how I stumbled across it, maybe I found a link to it in Jordyn's blog, but the thing is:
Six cool unpublished and published young authors have come together to form what I know will be the most epic of YA writing blogs:

You may know some (or all) of its authors from the blogging community: Chelsea, Jordyn, Harmony, Laina, Kelsey and Kieryn.

Each one of them will post on a determined day (Harmony will post on Mondays, Kieryn on Tuesdays, etc., etc.)

This week is all about introductions. But the real blogging will commence next week! If you're an aspiring author, or even if you write as a hobby (and hope that one day, you'll be ready to face the publishing industry, like yours truly) then I suggest you get your butt on over there, cause it will be epic.

(I love that word. I could say it over and over. Epic. Epic. Epic. Epic.)

Happy Friday!

1 monkey thought (s):

Kelsey said...

It WILL be epic. It really will. (Huh. Never thought about it, but yes, it is a fun word to use. My word of the day is splendid. What do you think?)

Later, Ella.

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