Mar 29, 2009

25 things about me...

1. I am a 16 (going on 17) year old girl, who loves to read, write and listen to all types of music.

2. I'm in my senior year of High School

3. My friends and I have named ourselves as "LDS": Las De Siempre (something like, same old girls, because we've known each other forever).

4. My friends call me "Greenpeace" -cause I care about the environment, and everytime they did sth to "hurt it", like throw papers on the streets, I'd hit them pretty hard, so they've learned no to do that kind of things anymore, at least not when I'm around.

5. They also call me "Mono Relojero" (Clock Monkey)- because everytime we go out dancing, and when the clock strikes 6 am, I start asking "when are we leaving?". I guess I am a really sleepy girl. Another reason for that nickname: I yawn and sleep a lot!

6. My mom doesn't know about this blog. She can be really overprotective about these things, she's always telling me to remove my profile pic so that people won't know who I am. I don'y listen to her, though, I tend to see the best in people.

7. I love being in silence, with a good book and a cup of mint tea. Especially in winter days. I enjoy my alone time.

8. I love watching TV and films. I've recently downloaded The Secret Life of Beas. Great film!

9. I don't really listen to music in spanish, my music library is composed my english performers.

10. I started studying English when I was 5, and I'm currently studying to take my 1st Certificate. I'm gonna study to be an English Translator. I love the language.

11. I've recently learned that I love writing in English (my story, Forbidden Love is being posted at another website, and I'm glad to say that I have faithful readers who love it!), it's harder for me to write in Spanish (my mothertongue).

12. I secretly wish I were a vampire. No, haha, but I am a proud Twilighter!

13. I read Twilight before it was cool.

14. I love my brothers with all my heart!

15. I have the tendency to daydream a lot, thinking about possible storylines to write.

16. I cried when Q died in OTH.

17. Oh, yeah, I love One Tree Hill.

18. I named my dog Peyton after Peyton Sawyer, my favourite character in OTH.

19. I'm trying to write a book, but I've learned that I should finish what I'm already writing before entering into another storyline.

20. I dream about going to London. Weather's not a problem, I love the cold!

21. I live in a big town by the River Negro, beautiful and calm place to live.

22. I love rugby, I'm a big Pumas supporter. Go Pumas! (argentinian rubgy team)

23. I'm a really crazy person, but I can be serious when I have to.

24. I'm studying Budhha's teachings. Don't believe in Heaven or Hell.

25. I wish to be a published writer someday.

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