Mar 18, 2011

Lila Zacharov in 13 Pieces! [The Curse Workers Series by Holly Black]

Holly Black has created one of the most amazing things on the net: a short story generator told from Lila's POV.

Basically, you go to Lila Zacharov in 13 Pieces, and click Start. You then get a short story (I got number 4) out of the 13 the site has, and when you're done, you click Continue. The generator will take you to another random story, all told from Lila's POV. 

So, the story you read and the one I read will be different! According to Holly, there are 6 million possible variations. WOW!

Red Glove hits the shelves on April 5th, so this is definitely a great way to keep you entertained until then. I've already read the book, and while I loved White Cat more, this one didn't fall behind. Click on the titles to read my reviews.

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