Mar 7, 2011

Beautiful Chaos, Book Three in the Caster Chronicles Series!!! And Dream Movie Casting!

Man, I can't believe I wasn't around for the big cover reveal! But I still needed this beauty on my blog. When I look at it I see Ravenwood Manor's gate, or some gate in the Manor, but who knows?

I'd first thought that the font colouring was brown-ish, but according to MTV's Hollywood Crush, the final, printed cover will be gold! Imagine that! Amazing! When I have money, I'll definitely have these shipped to me in Argentina, no matter the cost. I need to own these books! I've read nothing but eBooks for a looong while.

And the title! THE TITLE! Perfect. Because I'm sure that's what's in store for Lena and Ethan.

Beautiful Chaos hits stores October 18th, 2011!

Can't wait to read this. I wouldn't mind reading and ARC with a different cover. *ahem, KamiMargieLittleandBrown*

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On Next Movie, Kami and Margie talk about the film adaptation of the series and how excited they are about the project. (Aren't we all?)

The site has also put together a little Dream Cast of their own, which you can see in its entirety here. These below are my favourites.

Emily Browning as Lena
I can definitely see her as Lena, she looks like her and can go from sweet and innocent, to a dark creature beautifully. (And yes, that was a lame attempt from me to do a play on words with the titles.)

Steven R. McQueen as Ethan
Kami and Margie like him, and so do I. 
He does great in The Vampire Diaries as Elena's baby brother, and he has the potential, I think, to be a lead actor. But he'd have to be perfect in the skin of Ethan. He's a character I love, and whoever plays him will be heavily criticised by me, and all of the BC fandom, I suppose.

Rashida Jones as Marian the Librarian
Thank you Next Movie for the suggestion! 
Love her as Marian! She looks exactly like her!

Helena Bonham Carter as Sarafine
She was the first person that came to mind when reading the battle scene in BC, when Lena fights her. The role fits her like a glove. But, Next Movie suggested an alternative:

Famke Janssen 
That image could very well be a part of the scene I mentioned earlier. 
So I'm torn between these two.

Teresa Palmer as Ridley
Ever since watching I am Number Four, where she plays a wicked alien, I've had her in the back of my mind.
And when someone said she'd be a good Ridley, I agreed! I think she'd be perfect.

Next Movie made other suggestions:
Lucy Hale as Lena and Logan Lerman as Ethan, but I really cannot see them in those roles. 
Kristen Bell as Ridley, and while I'm a huge Veronica Mars fan, I wouldn't like her as Ridley. She's what, 30? 
Alfre Woodard as Amma. Nope, can't see her as Amma. Amma is older and plump-ier, and... no. Please cast someone else!
Jeremy Irons as Lena's Uncle Macon. Another big NO. Uncle Macon doesn't look like he's a hundred years old! Well, to me, anyway.

What do you think? What are your top choices?

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