Mar 12, 2011

Cover Love! Crossed and Lola!!!

I still haven't read Matched, and I don't know how I will like it, because everyone keeps saying it's so much like Delirium, and you know who much I love Delirium (Just look at the button on my left sidebar). But I've got to read it, because most of you say it's great.
One thing I love about it is its green cover. So peaceful looking. And then, we're hit with this cover:

Aaaaaaandd, I like it. I do. I just wish she were in a different position, the foot on which she's balancing herself looks like it might sprain. I'm also not so big a fan of the turned over R. But the colour's great, and they continued with the theme of the series, so yay!

Last year I read Anna and the French Kiss, and I fell in love with Étienne, and Paris, and macaroons. Especially with Stephanie Perkins' writing. Now we can finally see Lola's face. And it's a-dorable! Just look at it! Purple hair! Me wants! I need a copy of Anna (read the ebook), and now I can't wait for Lola to arrive!
So cute!


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