Jan 9, 2011

Writing Update #1

Since I don't have any new books to do an IMM post, I thought I'd talk about my writing, and how it's coming along. 

I love reading. I have a huge imagination, and I'm easily transported into different worlds when reading. I also love creating stories. 

On 2009, I was introduced to NaNoWriMo (this March is my three year bloggoversary!) and I loved the idea of it. In reality, it wasn't as easy as I'd thought it'd be. So, my story was left to gather virtual dust on my archive, and I always thought about going back to it, but I didn't know how to continue.

Turns out, I needed a plotline. I needed to write the entire plotline, before actually writing the book. So, last year, I set out to do just that. I wrote half a draft, and sent it to a Beta, because, once again, I was stuck.

And I had a lot of help! Tanya, my lovely Beta, was extremely helpful, and thanks to her, I now know exactly how and where I want my story to go.

But, let's face it. I'm no writer. I'm simply an amateur. But in the words of the awesome Maureen Johnson, you have to suck hard first, to become great later.

So now, after having gone through tense changes, and from going to first person POV to 3rd to 1st again, this is where I stand:

My WIP is titled Insomnia. Its current word count is of 20, 938. I've written 72 pages. Which is more than I've ever written, and makes me so proud of myself for actually being in this place.

It's about Death and Life, literally. And of course, a romance thrown in for good measure. 

My MCs names are Cora and Bl- Ben! Ben. I can't remember why I chose these names almost a year and a half ago, but now I can't think of them with any other names, they've become so clear in my mind, I actually see them in my mind's eye. I know exactly how they look, how they feel, what they like to wear and what music they're into.

The plot suffered a major change as well. Because, after reading Beautiful Creatures, I thought my WIP was very similar to it; why, I don't know, I hadn't even read BC before starting writing it! One day, I had a stroke of inspiration, and I knew what my book would be about.
I could have it finished by now, but I don't have the habit of writing every day. I guess you have to make that habit yourself.

And while I don't think about getting his publish the second I finish it, I do think about just finishing it! I'd love to have it printed and be able to pass it around my friends and family, and get feedback from them. 

And then, maybe, just maybe, start with a new story. 
Because I have plenty of ideas.


ps: Are you an aspiring writer, or maybe you write for fun like I do? If so, tell me what you're writing! I'd love to know.

2 monkey thought (s):

LM Preston said...

Stick to it. Pop into yalitchat.ning.com for some feedback on your first 5pages. You can also submit to lit agents there too. First drafts get ripped apart and recreated all the time.

CloudyKim said...

Good for you! It's really swell that you were able to get some help with your novel. Usually it's a good idea to send your writing to someone you trust for advice and help.

Sometimes I find trouble in characters, not plot. It's the worst thing in the world when they don't come across as they should, haha. And you know - getting another pair of eyes to look at it helps solve that too.

It is also very good to form the habit of writing every day. At least, try to write something every other day. The idea is to not pressure yourself into having to write a lot. Even if it's just a sentence - it's good enough. You've done your job.

As for what I'm working on... well, I always have a lot of writing projects going on. I'm not happy unless I'm swamped with my own stories and novels, haha. But I'm slowly trudging along with my Figment novels and having a lot of fun :)

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