Apr 1, 2010

Tomorrow, When The War Began Movie Trailer

On Feb 7th, I reviewed Marsden's book Tomorrow, When The War Began, the first in the Tomorrow Series.

I started reading it after having read amazing reviews and learning that there was a movie in the making. I hate watching a movie without having read the book first.

While I didn't love the book like I thought, and hoped, I would, I still liked it and was very excited about the idea of having the opportunity of seeing the movie soon.

Thanks to Holly I found that we now have a movie trailer, and it is so amazing I can't wait to pick up Book number 2. I have sooo much to read and review! Keeping a book blog is kinda like a part time job.

Anyway, here's the awesome trailer, take a look:

Have you read Tomorrow, When The War Began? If so, tell me! Let's discuss!

I was kinda worried about Phoebe Tonkin playing Fi, but it looks like they've dyed her hair to match the character.

Tomorrow, When The War Began the Movie in cinemas in NZ and AU, September 2nd, 2010.
And let's hope everywhere else soon after!

5 monkey thought (s):

Tales of Whimsy said...

This looks seriously awesome. I must read this. Thank you for posting!

La Coccinelle said...

Looks interesting! I read the first few books years ago. I do hope they release the movie in North America, too, though...

Danielle Zappavigna said...

i've read the series and loved it, although i thought it could've ended up around book 5, i'm not sure if the two subsequent ones were really necessary. there's also the ellie chronicles which is about adjusting to life after war but i haven't read them yet. i really enjoyed reading about this kind of thing in australia (i'm an aussie) so it has a special resonance for me! i can't wait to see the movie, i'll have to re-read the book before i go to refresh my memory i think.

Lexie said...


let me do that again...O.O

Let me tell you I love this book series. I really really do and I didn't know about this so thank you so much and it looks like if its not coming to NA then I'm traveling to IT and yeah.

I'm just a little hyper excited can you tell?

Ella Preuss said...

lol Lexie, yes! let's go together ;)
in the mean time, let's discuss who's on the cast! go here: tomorrow-movie.com, and check on the section about the cast.

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