Apr 11, 2010

OMFG, the CRESCENDO Cover is Here!

*high pitched girly screams*


That cover is just... there's no word awesome enough in the English language to describe it.

Nora looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!

I seriously cannot stop staring at it,
I NEED this book, and I need it YESTERDAY.

Becca, girl, you've been touched by an artsy angel -lol-
I wish I had covers like this for my books (supposing they got published)!

Kudos to James Porto, who photographed the cover pic.
You are my idol now.
Seriously, I'm a major photography fan, and this is just...
I wish I could take pics as amazing as this!

Did I say I REEEAALLY want this book?

Read my review for Hush, Hush here and my Interview with Becca here.

3 monkey thought (s):

La Coccinelle said...

I saw this yesterday (I think). So cool. These books have awesome covers!

Flo said...

i know everyone will probably leave the same comment but anyway i'll add mine: wow wow wow! the cover is even more beautiful than the one for hush hush

Nina said...

I love that cover, it's amazing! I havent read the first book, but won it at a contest. So I do hope it comes very soon. :)

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