Oct 15, 2009

I Love Buying Books !!!, by Diane from The Book Resort

Today's Guest Post was written by a dear friend of mine,
(you may know her from The Book Resort, or Royal Reviews).
I'm not sure how we got to be where we are today,
but I'm thankful that we did.
She's one of those friends that you have to hold on to,
cause they'll be there whenever you're in need.
Just as I'll always be here whenever she needs me.

I completely share Diane's vision here,
and am sure many of you will too.

I LOVE buying books.

I have always loved buying books. I love having my own books. It is just that simple.I love to fill my shelves with an eclectic array of books. I just want to have a diverse collection of books @ the ready for my peculiar reading penchant aka my idiosyncratic proclivities that are MINE!!!
When I purchase my stash of books they are mine to read whenever I want. They belong to only me. No one else will have their grubby mitts on my pristine books.

No " book cooties " from goodness knows where. My mind doesn't have to freak if someone washed their hands ~ gag.I don't have to worry about reading them w/i 7 days & hope to renew. I mean, the late fees are worth it if it is a book not really worth keeping in my home library, but still I don't like the pressure or stress of meeting a deadline.

I'm a temperamental chick. I have a capricious spirit. So, today it is Jessica Conant-Park, Jennifer Banash, Joanne Fluke, tomorrow Leann Sweeney, Laura Levine, Lauren Baratz-Logsted the next day J B Stanley, Kelley Armstrong, Michael Northrop, next week Carolyn Hart, Don Calamine, Jen Calonita next month Cleo Coyle, Phil Craig, Wendy Corsi Staub, Erica Spindler, Sandra Brown ...

Buying books allows me to take my own sweet time ~ no library anxiety. No slinking around the stacks when I pop into the library because "Mrs. Bookmark" is next on the reserve list & " Mrs. Snoopy Check Out" *knows* I still have the book out ; 8. Oh, the sweat that drips as I attempt covert library maneuvers.

I LOVE visiting bookstores. Ahhh, the chills & thrills I get the minute I step into a bookstore. It's on par w/ a socialite @ a charity gala ~ euphoric. I just love new books. To see them lined up on the shelves & scattered around the book store has me bewitched like one of those delightful Halliwell sisters.

Even library connoisseurs have a few books sprinkled through out their homes.No bona fide book-lover can navigate through life w/o owning @ least one book.
Hmmm... wonder why that one particular book? Despite this precarious economy, I still spend $$$ money on books. I am doing MY part to help this economy ~ by buying books ; ) !!!
I know I can get them for free @ the library ~ the only plastic I need is a library card ~ but I have a passionate desire to help my cherished authors.

My Best & Happy Reading!

1 monkey thought (s):

Kate said...

Superb post Diane. You really are very talented at writing. You have a way with words. I love buying books too. Although I'm waiting for the Christmas sales (and after I've got everyone's Xmas pressies). I love going in to book sales. But I just want to buy EVERYTHING. I still use the library but I don't like the time limit. And we don't usually have anything modern.

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