Oct 21, 2009

Author Guest Post: Nadine Laman

This is a very special post, written by my lovely friend Nadine
(author of the Kathryn's Beach Trilogy, and blogger @ First Draft),
because I'm positive everyone will agree to it.

Whenever I read an E-Book, or hear an Audiobook, I always think of the Printed Book.
That's why if I liked the E-B or AB,
that book goes directly to my To Be Bought List.

Please read this short post.
It speaks nothing but the truth.



There was a publishing industry article recently that said typesetters were a dying breed in America. I didn't read the whole article, but I have thought about that for days now.
In this digital world, there is still something special about a printed book. There is something about the feel of the paper, the cover, the texture of the cover that touches the humanity in us in a way that a digital book cannot. As much as I like the sleekness of digital formats, they are separated from us by an electronic device we need to read it.
I have books from the late 1800's and early 1900's. The print is irregular at times, a damaged letter that is distinctive to that particular typesetter's box reoccurs throughout the text, almost as his maker's mark.
Despite the occasional imperfections in the letters, there is almost a liveliness to the pages. Imagine a human hand setting the letters, one by one, for a 70,000 word book. There is a human quality to a paper book, even if undefined, when we touch it - linking us to the person who labored to set the type, or ink the press that put the words on paper or bound the pages together.
I'm just as amazed with Monastic scribes and their ornate calligraphy. I've seen a few of their works in museums, but unlike a printed book, I can't hold them in my hands.
There is something about folding down the corner on the page, marking a special part of a story, a line or two to be read over and over. The feel of a book in hand, no technology needed except, perhaps, reading glasses. So here is a nod and 'thank you' to the typesetters, now and in the past, for what they bring to us through their labors.



Do you feel the same way?

16 monkey thought (s):

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Agreed. Nothing compares to a printed book.

GMR said...

Oh, that was beautiful! BRAVO! **clapping wildly** I couldn't agree more! Never have I had to STOP reading a paper book because the glare was too much, or my battery ran out...okay, well maybe when I got tired, but that's not because of the book! Love the post! =0)
Even if (more like when) I break down and buy an eReader, I still want my paper book! Please and thank you!

Cara Powers said...

I do want the new nook and it may cut back on my paper book purchases (especially for old classics), but I don't see my physical library ever going away. In fact, I see it growing ever larger. It occasionally contains multiple editions of the same book, so I'll probably end up with both the e-version and the print version for many books.

Nadine Laman said...

Ella! I love the 'typesetting' you did to my post! You are a creative genius! Thanks for letting me guest blog.

Carrie Sheppard said...

What a lovely blog, super graphics, and excellent content. I agree - there will always be a place for the physical book.

Glyn Pope said...

I can see a use for ebooks on long journeys. I plan to take a train journey half way round the world one day and I couldn't take books.
But I would never buy ebooks for day to day use.
I love books as much as physical objects. Their weight, the turn of the pages.
I get angry with people who leave books open rather than use book marks, turn flaps. Such as my wife. I have a silver bookmark! Only the best for my books.
You should hire this friend who did the layout - superb!

Peggy said...

Ella - I LOVED the way you typeset Nadine's guest blog! Bravo!!

Peggy Nolan

Ivana said...

Wow, great job with the post design! I copy Juju-a book is a book, with actual paper pages. These gadgets may be a great thing but not MY thing.

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Anonymous said...

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