Aug 30, 2011

I'm slowly turning into a Whovian.

Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler

And I'm loving it! I've known about Doctor Who for some time now, but I just started watching it last week. I've devoured the first two seasons, am about to finish the third, and I'll keep on going until I get to where everyone else it right now! After that, I want to watch the Classic Episodes :)

This show's brilliant, it's got everything you could ask for: adventure, amazing new worlds, romance, suspense, mystery, it's got it all! 

For those of you who haven't watched this amazing show, it tells the story of the Doctor (currently in his Eleventh regeneration), a Time Lord (basically an alien who can travel through time and space). 

Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler
On the 2005 season, the Ninth Doctor was played by Christopher Eccleston. And I loved him! He was so good! That season finale was amazing, and I wanted to see more of him, but no such luck. 

Now, I'm watching the Tenth Doctor's seasons, the third one, to be exact, and I'm not too happy about the changes. 

I still love the show, but I'm kinda hoping the old days will come back. 

The Doctor's new companion, Martha Jones, is nice, but I'm missing Rose too much. They say she comes back soon, so I'm gonna have to keep watching to find out when. 

I think I'll be on season 6 by next week. 

Do you like DW? 
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