May 6, 2011

Dear Mr. Potter

What a wonderful thing Tumblr is. I just came across this link. It's a Sneak Peek for an upcoming book, a compilation of letters to Harry Potter from the fans. 

I've been reading it for a little while, and just had to share it.

One of the letters I read said something like, "I try to explain to people why I feel the way I feel about Harry, but only those who are like me, who love Harry's world like I do, will be able to understand me fully." And that is exactly how I feel. My friends and family don't understand why I love a "Children's" book so much, and I've tried to explain to them how I feel, but I've come to realise, I'll never be able to make them see what I see. Harry means so much to me, and I love to feel that connection to other die hard fans. 

We are the Harry Potter Generation. We are family. We are history. 

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