May 25, 2011

Armchair BEA: Networking

Welcome to Day Three of Armchair BEA. Today is all about Networking, which is basically a Blogger's bread and butter (correct me if I'm using the wrong expression, please!).
Without it, we wouldn't be able to talk to other bloggers and/or authors, therefore, never being able to build those relationships I cherish so much right now. 
Because without book blogging, with whom would I share my craziness over books? Who would hold long talks with me about whether Katniss did the right thing by staying with Peeta (she absolutely did the right thing!)? Where else would I find people so inmerse in books and their world? 

To me, finding and making a new book blogger friend is always something beautiful. So when I discovered that Alex, from A Girl, Books and Other Things, is Mexican, I started jumping up and down in my seat. I love finding new Latin bloggers!

Enjoy my interview with Alex, it's quite fun!

Alex with her two dogs. Aren't they adorable?
Let's start this interview with you telling me a bit about yourself. Where do you live?
Hi!! I live in Mexico City, and I honestly can't imagine living anywhere else, even though it can be crazy living here since it's such a huge city.

I've noticed your favourite genres are Romance and YA, like me! Let's imagine I'm not an avid reader, and I have no idea what to pick up next. What would you recommend me, in both genres?
In the YA front, definitely get you started on some Meg Cabot, she writes in such a way that it's like a friend is telling you a story, probably recommend the Airhead series, or The Mediator, depending on how you feel about Paranormal. An in the Romance front, for historical Lisa Kleypas, definitely, either Dreaming of You, or maybe her Hathaway series - and she also writes lovely contemporaries.

What do you do in your spare time?
Lately, all I have is spare time, as I'm looking for a job. A regular day for me involves cooking and baking, tiding up the house, playing with my dog and watching TV. Other than that, I work on my blog and watch anime and write my own stories - which I post for fun on Fictionpress. I also like to write old-fashioned ink and paper letters, though few people answer in the same way. Oh, and I also knit scarves like crazy.

When and how did you start your blog?
I started the blog because I could see how my friends got annoyed whenever I started to gush about a book, so one day I just started. It was April of 2008 and I was just finishing up my college degree so I had more free time than I had while at school and decided to give it a go. It was a very different blog back then - even had a different name - but it helped me learn a lot of stuff.

If you could meet one of your favourite authors, who would you choose?
Probably Meg Cabot, I have friends who have met her and swear she's funny and nice, and I always love her blog posts. Or Melina Marchetta, I love her books.

I've also seen you review films. I'm studying Film! Can you tell me which film has gripped your attention this year?
Wow, that's so cool, that you're studying film, I mean. Now, let me think... Definitely Easy A has been my favorite so far, Morning Glory and the King's speech.I can see myself watching those movies over and over, which is my standard of cool.

I've signed up for the 100 Books in a Year challenge, and I'm already behind. You've read over eighty books in these past months! WOW! How do you make the time to sit and read? I barely have time anymore!
If I'm to be completely honest... I don't sleep much - even though I spend most of the day alone and I have time to read, I read almost exclusively at night. I've struggled with anxieties from a young age and sometimes I can't shut my brain off and sleep, so I read and it helps me calm down, so reading is a necessity for me, helps me stay sane.

And finally, convince those who are reading this to follow your blog in a short paragraph.
I'm honest in my reviews, and I try my best to be consistent and not let myself be carried off in the hype. Plus, I have quite defined tastes, so I think I'm pretty reliable.

Thanks, Ella. This was fun!


I was interviewed by Stella from Ex Libris. Click here to read the interview and find out more about myself!
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