Jun 8, 2010

Winner! And why haven't I written my VA review by now?

This contest ended long ago, but I never told you who won. 

And the winner of the Cinderella Society Swag is...

I asked the participants to choose a Strong Woman whom they look up to, because this book is all about Girl Power.
Here's what Gaby had to say:

I choose my Mom, because she is a super mom. She works in a school and also do everything in the house, plus she takes care of me (the last daughter) and her grandchildren. I don't think I will ever be like her, because she seems to have space for everyone & everything in her life!
That is really sweet!
Congrats Gaby!

I have emailed her and am waiting for her to reply.
She has 48 hs to claim her prize. 

So, I read Vampire Academy last month. 
And did you see my review? 

I'll tell you why. Cause I'm lazy, that's basically why.
And now I can't write it, because the story's not fresh in my mind anymore. But I can tell you that it is awe-some.

Thank you, Goodreads, for providing me the ebook, because I haven't found these books in Arg yet. 

Could this story be more intense? Seriously, I love the world Richelle created! 

I'm adding Dimitri to my ever-growing list of Fictional Crushes. 
Tell me you didn't read this book and imagine his Russian accent speaking to you!

I'm now reading Frostbite, just started last night. What a fantastic beginning. Thanks Richelle for the Prologue, I remembered a lot of things. Looks like Rose and Dimitri's love is cursed. Oh my!

Have you read this series? You probably have, then, tell me there's hope!

3 monkey thought (s):

GMR said...

LOL on the "lazy" bit..it happens. So long as you enjoy the book and get back on the proverbial horse, you'll be good as gold. Congrat's to the winner as well...that entry is very sweet indeed. Happy reading!

GABY said...

Thanks!!! I already sent you an email :)

Anonymous said...

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