Mar 11, 2010

reverse letters

Following the examples of the lovely Lauren (and blogger-who-I-just-began-to-follow: Chelsea), I decided to do my own little reverse letters.

Dear Ella,
Why haven't you finished listening to me?
Waiting for you,
Your Shiver Audiobook.


Dear Ella,
Are you our fan or not?
Make up you mind!
Your Twilight books.


Dear Ella,
When will you finish writing me?
Still here,
Your latest book chapter.


Dear Ella,
On a second thought:
When will you finish writing me, period?


Dear Ella,
Have you forgotten me already?
Your embroidery set.


Dear Ella,
Will you keep on studying me?
Always here for you,
The French language.


Dear Ella,
Why am I still here, without you?
When will you come and pick me up?
You camera.


Dear Ella,
I love you too.
Your bookshelf.


Dear Ella,
I love you MOAR,


Dear Ella,
Save me for later.
You'll want to go to the cinema
Or buy a book
And I won't be here for you.
Your money.


I'll be answering this letters soon.
Happy Thursday!

2 monkey thought (s):

I Heart Monster said...

cute :o)

choco (In Which a Girl Reads) said...

I love this!

Such lovely letters :)

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