Feb 27, 2010

Featured Author (& Int'l Giveaway): Laurine Croasdale (Aussie Month Post)

Everyone, help me welcome Author Laurine Croasdale,
who is sharing with us a really cool collage of her many work spots!

(click to enlarge)

Ah, so this is what it looks like, huh?
Me likes it!

And while working on her very cool novels, Laurine listens to this:

Really nice, Laurine! Love that song :D

Here are some of Laurine's Favourites:
FAVOURITE COLOUR: All colours, especially bright ones but most of all blue, green, purple and pink. (Same as me!)
FAVOURITE CONFECTIONERY: Toss up between Bounty Bars and Maltesers. Still researching this one.
LIKES: Simple stuff like being near a beach, park or in the bush, hearing birds sing, feeling happy, barbies with family and friends, travelling.
DISLIKES: Bullying, prejudice, arrogance.

Click here to visit Laurine's awesome site, and learn more about her books!


Laurine and her publicist have given me the opportunity to give away both of Laurine's books:

Surf School and Surf Sisters!

Fifteen-year-old Tilly, Fran, Marlee and Pink are surfer girls.

They have been meeting for the first surf of the season every year since they first met at the surf school run by Tilly’s dad, Phil, when they were eight.

Phil has big plans for the surf school this year, but when he is injured in a hit-and-run accident, everything suddenly seems uncertain.

While Phil languishes in hospital and the police track his attacker, Tilly is determined to realise his plans and keep the surf school open. To do this, she needs all the help she can get from her friends.

But Marlee is training for the surfing competition to win a new board and beat the moody Kyle, Pink is warring with her parents and intrigued by the stranger Kim, and Fran is busy making jewellery.

Laurine Croasdale has published three fiction titles for UQP (Trivia Man, Red Golf Balls, What Truly Counts), and a range of non-fiction titles (including two for Macmillan Education).

She was also a writer on Hi 5 for Channel 9. She reviews books regularly on radio, and spent five years reviewing children’s and adults’ titles on Angela Catterns’ breakfast show on ABC radio.

Laurine had the idea for Surf School many years ago but felt that its popularity had not yet reached its peak.

The story weaves together her childhood on the northern beaches with her daughter’s experiences growing up today.


Winter swells are rolling into Diamond Beach. But surfer girls Fran, Pink, Marlee and Tilly are still consumed by all things surfing.

Fran and Pink are collaborating on a surf label, and there’s news of a major surfing contest at treacherous Shipwreck Beach — a chance for Marlee and Tilly to dazzle on the world stage.

But parents and boyfriends are distracting the girls from their big plans.

Pink’s mother Christie is determined to control her spirited daughter; Marlee tells Kyle she has to concentrate on her surfing; and Jamie still can’t see that Tilly is anything more than just a friend.

The absorbing, dramatic sequel to Surf School.

And this giveaway is open internationally!

What you need to do to enter is leave a comment with your e-mail. (please do this, you'll make my life so much easier!)

Extra entries:
+1 if you tweet about this giveaway. You can do this once a day (leave link, please!)
+2 if you post on your sidebar (leave link!)
+2 if you post on any other network, such as Facebook, Ning... (leave link!)
+5 if you tell us which is your favourite beach, in any place in the world.
Or if you've never been to a beach, where would you like to go.
+15 if you blog about this giveaway, and post a picture (could be of yourself along with friends or family, or just a pic of your fav beach) and leave a link.

You have until March 31st!
Spread the word, and remember to come back here and leave the links for me to see!

6 monkey thought (s):

Nina said...

My cousin surfs and he tried to learn me, but I just dont have any balance! :(
Love the description of the book and thanks for letting it be international! :)

+5 My favourite beach in the world is: mambo beach in Curacau! :)It is such a beautiful beach, with white sand and just blue wather. Beautiful.


Tales of Whimsy said...

Fantastic covers :)

Sharli said...

Same as Nina :P Balance is not my thing. I can't even ride a bike!

+1 tweet: http://twitter.com/Entre_Libros/status/9760684479
+2 sidebar: http://blogentrelibros.blogspot.com
+5 I went to Cancun a couple of years ago and the beach was beautiful! I love white-sand beaches so... :P

Thanks for the giveaway!
entrelibros_blog AT hotmail DOT com

Shweta said...

Surfing is one thing I have never tried but it looks fascinating when I see people doing it..


+1 - I tweeted about this giveaway - http://twitter.com/bookjournalblog/status/9859942052

+5 - I love all the beaches in Goa . I even went para sailing over those beaches.

Thanks for this Ella:)

Gaby G said...

I havent heard of this author or her books, but they seem nice :) The covers are beautiful!!

I wish I could surf!! xD

magabygc AT gmail DOT com

+1 tweet: http://twitter.com/magabygc/status/10668486099

+2 sidebar: http://historias-imaginarias.blogspot.com

+5 My favorite beach are the ones located in "Parque Nacional Morrocoy", Venezuela (http://www.venezuelatuya.com/morrocoy/index.htm)

+15 blog post http://historias-imaginarias.blogspot.com/2010/03/concursos-gana-surf-school-y-surf.html

Sheere said...

Those covers are great!

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