Nov 12, 2011

What does 2012 hold in (book)stores for us

2011 is nearly over, and we're all still alive, yay! And thanks to uni, I failed -yet again- to complete any challenges I signed up for this year. It's fun, though, to try and participate, so be sure I'll be signing up for any 2012 challenges I come across!

Uni is also nearly done for me, which gives me time to catch -a little- up on my reading. This year I read less books than last, but I was more busy than I was in 2010, so it's not so bad for me.

A lot of new books are reaching Argentine stores, maybe I'll take some pics and make a special post about that later... But it makes me super happy! Maybe publishing homes are realising Latinamericans expect new books to be published in their home countries just as eagerly as Northamericans and Europeans? Buying books from online reteilers isn't cheap, you know. Apart from the book itself, we have to pay for shipping, which costs nearly more than the book! Crazy... But, moving on!

So, 2012 books! Some great titles are coming next year, take a look -click on the pics to enlarge, and view the covers in all their splendor!- (every link leads to Goodreads):

Look at the pretty covers! AURACLE's is amazing! And it's synopsis is even more so! A Breath of Eyre was one of my WoW's this year, not that long ago. 

Remember these are debut authors, so you can add any of these titles to next year's 2012 Debut Author Challenge!

These are just a few of next year's releases, you can look at the rest here (Goodreads) or here (Class of 2k12).

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