Jul 3, 2011

Potter Walk in Buenos Aires, July 3rd, 2011

Chp Argentina, a Harry Potter fans/reading club, had a Walk to Plaza de Mayo today, and I missed it. I didn't know, otherwise I would've gone!

Chp Arg's members walked down Buenos Aires's streets dressed in Hogwarts robes, from the four houses, carrying their magic wands. (Photos taken from Yess di Giovanni. Click to enlarge.)

A Death Eater and Yess, a Gryffindor.
Witches and wizards in Plaza de Mayo, Bs. As.
I love that sign. It reads "JK: We are the magic you created"

Yess and Voldemort. His characterisation is wicked cool. Look at his fingernails!

Bill? and Yess. And a Death Eater behind them!
These pics make me sad because I wasn't able to go. But I WILL go next time! In the mean time, I'll keep on crying because I missed this one...
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