Dec 31, 2010

End of 2010 Survey

Jamie over at The Perpetual Page-Turner came up with an End of 2010 Survey, to talk about our reading experience through the year, and I thought it was a great way to end this year!

1. Best Book of 2010

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. Hands down. I love this book, and I love Delirium even more!

2. Worst Book of 2010

I didn't read any book that I'd put under this category. I choose the book I'll read next thanks to my fellow bloggers' reviews, so most of the books I read were very interesting.

3. Most Disappointing Book of 2010

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. I was really hoping to love this book, since every review I read about it gave it five stars. And then I learned that it's now a film, starring Keira Knightly, Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan, great actors, so I thought, "Wow, this must be excellent!" But to me, it lacked the WOW factor I look forward to in books. I'll post the full review tomorrow.

4. Most Surprising Book (in a good way!) in 2010

Can't think of any. Granted, I didn't read as many books as I would have wanted this year.

5. Book You Recommended to People Most in 2010

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Most of my friends aren't regular readers like I am, so of course, they had no idea what this book was about. I practically forced some of them to read it, and now they're head over heels in love with it!

6. Best Series Discovered in 2010

I didn't really discover a new series this year. And I only read first in a series, so I couldn't say.

7. Favorite New Authors of 2010

Lauren Oliver, of course, and Courtney Summers. I loved Cracked Up To Be, and will be reading Some Girls Are soon.

8. Most Hilarious Read of 2010


9. Most Thrilling Unputdownable Book of 2010

I think a lot of people will say this, but I have to go with Mockingjay. I bought it as soon as it was out in Argentina (there was a delay in its publication, and I may have written on the publisher's Facebook wall demanding an explanation. Most unprofessional, I know. But I did voice what a lot of my fellow Latin bloggers were thinking, as we had to wait for the book to come from Spain.)

10. Book You Anticipated the Most for 2010

Again, Mockingjay. I already told you I nearly traveled to Buenos Aires to demand the immediate release of the book. But of course, the poor people at the publishing houses weren't to blame, the people in charge of importations were.

11. Favorite Cover of a Book You read in 2010

White Cat by Holly Black has a very enticing cover, that suits the book perfectly!

12. Most Memorable Character in 2010

Katniss Evergreen from The Hunger Games series. I love that character, I think she's one of the best heroines in YA Literature.

13. Most Beautifully Written Book in 2010

This is going to sound contradictory, but this would be Never Let Me Go. Although the book didn't reach me as I was hoping, it still is beautifully written. I loved Ishiguro's writing style, like Kathy, the narrator, was talking to us.

14. Book that had the Greatest Impact on You in 2010

I'm going to sound like a broken record, but I'm going to say, once more, Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver. It really made me think about so many things, and made me cry too!

15. Book You Can't Believe You Waited Until 2010 to Finally Read

I know what you're going to say. "Really? You can't be serious." But that'd have to be Vampire Academy. Yep. I knew nothing about this series until this I started blogging, (remember I'm Argentine, and these books are just now getting published here, I think only the first and second are published here and we're waiting for the third.) and then waited a bit more to start reading it. I'm currenly listening to Frostbite, and I plan on reading the whole series in the shortest amount of time possible. I want to know what all the hype is about! But I did love VA, and Frostbite is going great!

This proves I didn't read so many books! According to my Goodreads shelves (I have a read-in-2010 category) I read 34 books, maybe a bit more, as I don't always record what I read on Goodreads. But no more than 40 books, meaning very, very few. And I'm thinking next year I'll have even less time to read, what with starting uni. But I'll still try to read as much, or more, than now!

Anyway, Happy New Year! I'll see you in 2011.

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mshatch said...

I read Cracked up to Be on your recommendation and it's one of my favorites. I also read Never Let me Go and admit, it didn't have the wow factor some books have and I almost think it might translate better into a film, which I'll be putting on my netflix list. Thank you for all your reviews by the way - I may not comment but I do read. And happy new year :)

Ivana said...

Before I Fall and Mockingjay are my absolute favorites when it comes to YA this year :)
And don't worry about less time for reading and blogging (been there, still am). The blog is not going anywhere, the important thing is that you have fun reading.

Happy New Year! :)

Ella Press said...

Happy New Year!

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