Nov 2, 2010

Between the Sea and Sky cover!

OK, how beautiful is that cover? I'm in love with it, it's so pretty! Look at the little tail coming off of the B in Between! Jaclyn has just revealed it! She's had to keep it a secret until now, and she's finally able to share it with us!
Here's what she said about the book:
I LOVED writing this book so much. As I've described before, I envisioned like Jane Austen meets Miyazaki movie (and had soundtracks to both in heavy rotation while writing it). It's about a mermaid named Esmerine who runs into her old childhood friend winged dude Alan, while looking for her sister Dosinia who ran away with a human man. There is flying, and humor, and a brassy old woman, and a bookstore, and lots of love to literature (of the 18th century variety, at least), and kissing in a vineyard, and relationships between sisters, and Alan is somewhat of an intellectual snot, which I always enjoy, personally. Not so much of an intellectual snot that I wouldn't date him. You know.

It's set in the same world as Magic Under Glass but instead of being Victorian England/America-ish, it's based on Italy around 1800. (And man, I did way too much research on actual Italy for it being a made up Italy...)

So, go ahead and add it to your ever-growing To Be Read pile, like I did, and enter in the contest Jaclyn's holding!
I just finished reading Delirium, by Lauren Oliver. Review's coming up!

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Juju at Tales of said...

I can not wait. I LOVE this cover.

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